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Producer: I have talked about the next Live.
Noah: Ah. Our first outdoor Live. Everyone is looking forward to it.
Producer: I think listening to I♥B's music under the blue sky is the best situation one could ask for.
Noah: ... Then what has happened that worries you? You couldn't possibly consider our abilities as worrisome?
Producer: I never thought about something like this. I complained about that I didn't get a bigger venue than this.
Producer: It's frustrating. If I had been more successful in managing it, maybe I could have provided a much bigger stage.
Producer: After all, you do have the skill and the popularity for it.
Noah: ...
Producer: Everytime we hold a conference for the production plan, I realize that I couldn't even do half of the things I wanted to do.
Producer: My strength was not enough. There should've been done much more in addition to that. That's what I've been thinking about...
Noah: People like you are...! Hahah!
Producer: Why are you laughing? I'm serious...!
Noah: You should say the things you said just now again to the other members of the band. Everyone should have the same reaction as me.
Producer: Why...
Noah: We are in your gratitude, there shouldn't be anyone who blames you. If there happens to be someone like that, then--
Noah: The other members might beat that person up until they're unable to stand?
Producer: Eh!?
Producer: (There is no smile in Noah-kun's eyes!)
Noah: The things you are doing are a lot. Everyone in the band is fully aware of this.
Noah: I can affirm this to you any number of times. It's impossible that someone of our band will blame you.
Noah: So don't make this gloomy face forever. Drink your coffee and calm down.
Producer: Yes. Thank you.
Noah: ......
Producer: ......
Noah: By the way, just how much sugar do you plan on putting into that small cup?
Producer: Eh, but the more sugar I put in, the more delicious it will get...
Noah: Ahaha! What's this. Are you serious?
Producer: ... Chaoyang-kun was laughing like that earlier too, but is it that strange.
Noah: No, if you like it, then it's fine. However, you really made me laugh today.

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