Noah: Yes, my fingers and throat are in good condition. I intended on remaining calm for the outdoor Live, but it seems like I'm more excited than I thought.
Producer: ... Noah-kun, is it alright if I come in?
Noah: Come in, Producer.
Noah: You finally came to see me.
Producer: Since I did everything I can do.
Producer: Ah---but I'm really nervous.
Noah: How are you more nervous than we are. It will be alright. It's the stage that you have prepared for us. It'll be successful.
Producer: I understand that, it surely will.
Noah: Can I do something?
Producer: Eh?
Noah: I want you to tell me if there is something that can make that trembling tension in your heart calm down.
Producer: (He doesn't look like he's making fun of me. He's worried.)
Producer: (If he's treating me gently like this, I'd like to depend on him...)
Producer: ... You could hold my hand?
Noah: Your hand?
Producer: (... What am I even saying.)
Producer: No... I didn't say anything just now--
Noah: No no, I will do as the lady wishes...
Noah: But are you fine with holding hands?
Producer: Eh?
Noah: Come on, wouldn't a hug like this relief your mind much more?
Producer: No... Noah-kun...!
Noah: Feeling another person's body temperature gives your mind peace, no? When I'm feeling homesick, Chaoyang and the others often hug me too.
Producer: ...
Noah: Thank you for everything until today. You can leave the rest to us. What's wrong, your ears are red.
Producer: I did only become red because of you, Noah-kun, you know...
Noah: Haha, I'm happy that my words can get such a cute reaction.
Noah: Come, take my hand... I'll lead you to the highest stage!
Producer: (I wonder to what heights you will take me. Surely to much higher places than I can imagine--)
Noah: (My heart is pounding... But I'm not only excited because of the Live.)
Noah: (Did that person lift my spirits? Fufu, no way I'm this excited because of a single woman...)
Noah: (From now on I will continue flapping my wings. Together with my friends and that person I will aim higher.)
Noah: Come, raise the curtain of the stage! Let's fly even higher and higher to the sky with us!