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Producer: (A Halloween party huh... everyone looks like they're really having fun.)
Producer: (The reason for this excited atmosphere when the party hasn't even started yet, is probably that the ones organizing this, are Tenjyou Tenge.)
Producer: (I wonder what kind of party we'll have today.)
Producer: Still, though I could have at least helped a bit...
???: Guess who?
Producer: !? Kakitsubata-kun!
To the beautiful you 1 (1)
Aoi: Fufu. Correct ♪.
Aoi: If I were to ask you to help, I wouldn't be able to see your face as you sincerely enjoy the party, would I?
Aoi: That's why I can't let you help.
Producer: ...I understand, so can you stop covering my eyes already?
Aoi: Fufu. Wait just a little longer.
Aoi: By the way, after all the trouble we went through to arrange this, why are you still wearing your suit?
Producer: ...For even me to be in costume would be too flashy. I'm a producer and a teacher after all.
Aoi: ...It seems you don't understand that today is Halloween.
Producer: Eh..?
To the beautiful you 1 (2)
Aoi: Good evening, Miss Human.
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun..?
Aoi: Tonight is a party for monsters. If a human female such as yourself enters, you might end up possessed by an evil spirit.
Aoi: Though you'd be very charming dyed in our colors, I've taken a liking to the current you.
Aoi: Because of that, tonight you should under no circumstances leave my side. If you stay with me, you'll surely be able to stay human through tonight.
Producer: ...What kind of setting does today's party have? Is this why you called out to me, who doesn't have a costume?
To the beautiful you 1 (3)
Aoi: That's pretty much it. If we don't put people who don't do as we say under tight surveillance who knows what might happen.
Aoi: Well that's what Tsubaki said. Since there's a reason like that, today you shouldn't leave my side, Producer.
Producer: ...Got it. Anyways, it's kind of refreshing. Seeing Kakitsubata-kun in an outfit like that, I mean.
Producer: I thought you'd appear in the kind of Japanese style outfit that's typical for Tenjyou Tenge.
Aoi: There was a talk about something like that, but at least on a day like this a regular outfit might be better is what we decided. But--
To the beautiful you 1 (4)
Aoi: Wearing an outfit that I'm not used to feels somewhat uncomfortable. This cloak and such gives me a little bit of discomfort.
Producer: But, this kind of outfit suits Kakitsubata-kun too.
Aoi: ...Do you like me better this way?
Producer: That's not what I sai--
Producer: Wah..!
To the beautiful you 1 (5)
Aoi: It's been fun keeping you occupied alone like this, but seems like it's about time.
Producer: Time..?
Aoi: Isn't it obvious? The party's about to start!

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