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Producer: (Incredible...!)
To the beautiful you 2 (1)
Aoi: Are you enjoying yourself?
Producer: Of course!
Aoi: Ahaha, it's an honor to be praised like that. We had a well thought out plan for this project.
Producer: In particular, I had goose bumps at the scene where all of Tenjyou Tenge, dressed as Jack o' Lantern, set the ice objects on fire
Aoi: Well, that was also thanks to Hikaru's help. Ice and Fire, two incompatible elements, acting together has a mysterious power, doesn't it?
To the beautiful you 2 (2)
Aoi: After I talked about this idea, I immediately shivered when making the designs. Everything here was requested by me
Aoi: Hikaru's creations are really beautiful after all. To the point that I would like to work together with him on another occasion again
Producer: (They do have similarities. I'll try to sound out some people if an occasion to make plans come)
Aoi: Are you thinking about work again?
Producer: ....Was it visible on my face?
Aoi: You can forget about work at least today, you know? ....Or rather, how can I make you forget about it?
Aoi: Rather than work, you should be looking more at me
Producer: Kakitsubata-kun...
To the beautiful you 2 (3)
Tatsumi: "Trick or Treat!"
Producer: Wah! What?
Tatsumi: "Monsters assembled tonight! Our party won't end with just this!"
Tatsumi: "We, the Jack o' Lanters are going to release some humans! Gang up together and steal the candies from them!"
Producer: Di-did something new start?
Aoi: The attraction where we would distribute candies to the IKids
To the beautiful you 2 (4)
Aoi: I will be giving candies to the kids now, but will you come too? Halloween is something you enjoy together with everyone
Producer: That looks really funny. But, I don't have any candy to give to everyone...
Aoi: This Jack o' Lanter that I am will prepare some for you
Aoi: Well then, young lady. Let's go distribute candies to the kids, as my helper
Aoi: You shall never stay away from me, so that the monsters won't eat you
Producer: Ahaha! As you wish, Lord Jack?
To the beautiful you 2 (5)
Aoi: I'm happy to see you've been dyed with the colors of this party's world too
Aoi: Then, let's go, to where the hungry kids are.

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