Producer: Haa, that was fun. It's been a while since I last smiled like that!
To the beautiful you 3 (1)
Aoi: It makes me happy that you said so. But, the party still won't end
Aoi: On the contrary, I can say that the real thing is about to start
Producer: The real thing....?
Producer: Eh? Kakitsubata-kun, you changed your clothes?
Aoi: This is for the last thing. I will dedicate a song to the monsters gathered here
Producer: Song....?
Aoi: "A song to repose the souls", is what we're calling it but, the point is that I will sing the songs of our cute junior's the Tenjyou Tenge version
Producer: That means that you'll do a cover of the songs of the I-Chu's?
To the beautiful you 3 (2)
Aoi: Just singing it would be boring though. That's why I also thought the dancing to add to the song and arrange it
Producer: You prepared so many things in such a short term...I'm really looking forward to your group's stage!
Aoi: I'll show you a stage that will live up to your expectations. But, before that
Producer: Eh?
Aoi: Won't you come here a bit?
Producer: O, okay....
Producer: Is it okay to sneak away like this?
To the beautiful you 3 (6)
Aoi: Yes. I said it to Tsubaki and the others. Rather, I pushed their backs
Producer: Pushed their backs....?
Aoi: There finally has been a party, and yet you're wearing a suit. It's a waste....I want you to wear this
Producer: This....
To the beautiful you 3 (3)
Aoi: Isn't it a beautiful colour? A dark blue night dress. I wanted you to wear it so I personally prepared it for you
Producer: For me...?
Aoi: Yes. How about you try it?
Producer: H, how does it look....? I've never worn such dress, so I feel a bit embarrassed....
Aoi: There isn't anything you should be ashamed of. Come on, come here. Look at yourself in the mirror
Producer: (It's the same colour of his costume...?)
To the beautiful you 3 (4)
Aoi: These clothes really suit you. Yep, you're matching with me.
Aoi: We can even do a wedding like this
Producer: .....Don't play around with an adult
Aoi: That was just a joke. Today is Halloween after all. Come on, we should return back now. I will show you the best performance
To the beautiful you 3 (5)
Aoi: Right...For the beautiful lady entranced by the demon. Let's enjoy ourselves to the fullest this night!

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