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Producer: (As expected of Tenjyou Tenge. They're fast and do a perfect job. They even finished this morning's job in the blink of an eye.)
Producer: (Since the work finished earlier I went to the shopping mall, but even on weekdays it's so crowded...)
To the height of things 1 (1)
??? Producer!
Producer: What? I feel like I got called by someone...
??? Oi, I'm here! Producer!
Producer: Eh?
To the height of things 1 (2)
Tsubaki: Ah, here, here! You're late, Producer.
Producer: Rindo-kun!?
Tsubaki: Why are you that surprised. No matter how you look at it it's me, right?
Producer: No, it's just that your clothes are different from what you usually wear, so for a moment I didn't know who it was.
Tsubaki: You... Do you recognize me from my japanese clothes?
Producer: It's not that, but it's the first time I see you with casual clothes.
Producer: But... Yep, you look very good and refreshing with them!
To the height of things 1 (3)
Tsubaki: Oh! You finally started to notice my charm too! Very good, very good!
Producer: I told you not to make my hair messy!
Tsubaki: Oops... I suddenly felt like doing it...
Producer: Mo, more importantly, before you said "You're late". Were you waiting for me perhaps?
Tsubaki: Yeah. I heard from the staff that you were going to the shopping mall, so I waited for you.
To the height of things 1 (4)
Tsubaki: You don't have any work after this, right?
Producer: Yes. Unlike usual, I don't have any job so I can go shopping with ease!
Producer: It's also thanks to you finishing your job so early.
Tsubaki: Since you always work so much this was the least I could do.
Producer: Did-did you finish early for my sake?
Tsubaki: I'm used to self producing anyways.
Tsubaki: Even we can be grateful to you in our own way. I thought that we should take care of you sometimes too.
Producer: Rindo-kun...
Producer: (Rindo-kun is kind. And he looks way more gentle than usual... Maybe, because this is the true him.)
To the height of things 1 (5)
Tsubaki: Are you so happy that you can't even talk?
Producer: I was thinking that, since you got concerned about me, I have to work harder from now on.
Tsubaki: Fu. Work harder for my sake too.
Producer: For you and the others, right.
Producer: More importantly. It's a bit late to say this now, but is it okay for you to go around without a disguise?
To the height of things 1 (6)
Tsubaki: I don't really need a disguise in particular. Unexpectedly I won't get noticed even like this.
Producer: Is that so? But, if by any chance, there were girls that witnessed Tenjyou Tenge's Tsubaki...

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