To the height of things 2 (1)
Tsubaki: You don't need to worry that much over it. And it's not like it would be troubling if people saw us.
Producer: You may be right but....
Producer: If we don't take it into consideration, we might cause trouble for the other people too.
Producer: (And I've heard that there are some fans that are a bit "extreme"....)
To the height of things 2 (2)
Tsubaki: Damn it, you worry too much. Worrying like this might be your work. But...
Tsubaki: Your work finished today right? Then for how long are you gonna act like a producer?
Tsubaki: You're not my producer or anything like that today. You're just you, [name].
Producer: Even if you say it...
To the height of things 2 (3)
Tsubaki: Come on, have more confidence! Being confident both in the private life and at work is what an idol should do, right?
Producer: You have a point, and yet....
Tsubaki: For how long will you keep saying it?
Tsubaki: And anyways, even if you keep acting like a producer all day I won't listen to what you say at all.
Producer: ....And if I beg you to at least disguise yourself a bit?
Tsubaki: Definitely not.
Producer: Geez.... You're stubborn
To the height of things 2 (4)
Tsubaki: And also, we usually are seen wearing Japanese-styled clothes, so nobody will recognize us unless they're really hardcore fans.
Producer: ....And if you get noticed?
Tsubaki: That must mean that they must have been fans of us since the past, right?
Tsubaki: I've said it many times in magazines that I hate it the most when people interfere in my private life.
Tsubaki: My women aren't types to do things that would make us angry.
Tsubaki: And I'm not the type to go easy on my fans' training, you know?
Producer: "Training"...
Tsubaki: Is there anything wrong with it?
Producer: I think it's used for other things too[1].
Tsubaki: But if you gloss it over it has the same meaning.
Producer: It may be like that, but...
To the height of things 2 (5)
Tsubaki: I told you not to worry. Instead of thinking about it, think of how to make our live tomorrow the best one.
Producer: ....But didn't you just tell me to take a break too?
Tsubaki: If you want to see a good live, then you can at least think of that, [name].
Producer: (That way of putting it is unfair...)


  1. The producer says it because the verb Tsubaki used (調教-choukyou) means training, but it's mostly used as "training animals"

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