To the height of things 3 (1)
Tsubaki: Thank you for coming to our live today!
Tsubaki: Though, did you think that I would say something that simple?
Tsubaki: Raise your voices even more and dance to the music! Enjoy this moment more than anyone else in this world, as if it won't come again a second time!!
Tsubaki: We will bring you to the height of things! You did prepare yourself for that, right?
Tsubaki: It's the last song. I'll make you love us more than anything else.
Producer: Haaa.... Today's live was better than usual...
Producer: I can still hear the voices asking for the encore....
Tsubaki: Producer!
Producer: Rindo-kun! U-uwah...!
Producer: (Rindo-kun just hugged me...!)
To the height of things 3 (2)
Tsubaki: Today's live was the best wasn't it?
Producer: Yes, and you were shining even more than usual!
Tsubaki: I looked like I was shining even more because you were looking from the same point of view as us.
Producer: Me....?
To the height of things 3 (3)
Tsubaki: At first I thought that I didn't need a producer, but ever since you came a lot of things changed.
Tsubaki: I understood what I needed to do to make us shine even more, and I was able to focus on that.
Tsubaki: And everything thanks to you.
Tsubaki: I saw the best scenery possible. Did you see it too?
Producer: Yes, I saw it. And you were the one that showed it to me..... I should be the one thanking you.
Producer: You accepted this inexperienced me, and showed me a dream together with you.
Producer: It's the first time, I've been that happy, ever since I was born....*hic*
Tsubaki: Why are you crying, [name]? We still have a long way to go.
To the height of things 3 (4)
Tsubaki: This is the start line.
Tsubaki: We will go to the top even more. Right, Producer?
Producer: Yes.....!
To the height of things 3 (5)
Tsubaki: Anyways... Being able to see such a cool producer cry in front of me was quite the reward....
Tsubaki: I would like to stay a bit more and enjoy that crying face, but the encore is calling for me...
Producer: ! It would be strange to not answer to such a passionate encore.
To the height of things 3 (6)
Tsubaki: You're right there. Then, I'm going. Be sure to look until the very end, okay, Producer?
Tsubaki: And after I come back, show to me that crying expression again. Until I'm satisfied... Okay?

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