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Producer: I’m so glad that we finished up early today–.
Producer: But for it to be this time in particular…
Top secret project 1 (1)
???: Zzz… Zzz…
Producer: …Ahh, what déjà vu.
???: Zzz… Zzz…
Producer: …Now that I’ve seen him, I can’t just ignore him… Guess there’s nothing else I can do about this.
Mutsuki: Zzz… Zzz…
Producer: Mutsuki-kun, wake up. Mutsuki-kun!
Top secret project 1 (2)
Mutsuki: Mmm… Satsuki? Are you done shopping~?
Producer: Can’t you tell that I’m not Satsuki-kun? Come on, wake up~.
Mutsuki: …Mm, huh? Sensei, good morning.
Producer: Good morning. I’ve told you this a million times by now, but if you’re going to take a nap, at least go do it up on the roof…
Top secret project 1 (3)
Mutsuki: …I haven’t been sleeping~.
Producer: You were asleep. No matter how you look at it, you were asleep!
Mutsuki: I’m telling you, I just had my eyes closed for a bit~. Fwah~… I’m sleepy.
Producer: If you’re so tired, then don’t you think it would be a good idea to go home pretty soon?
Mutsuki: I can’t~. I’ve got something I need to do, so I’m waiting here!
Producer: Something you need to do? …Now that you mention it, does that have anything to do with the big bag you’ve got or the horns you’re wearing?
Top secret project 1 (4)
Mutsuki: Ahaha, just as I’d thought, you’ve got a good eye, Sensei~. Then you must know what they’re for, right?
Producer: …A Halloween costume?
Mutsuki: Bingo–! Then, since you got it right, Sensei, I’ll show you my other costume, too.
Producer: These are… just a bunch of bandages.
Mutsuki: Yup. It’ll be a costume once I wrap myself in them.
Producer: (I see. It’ll be Halloween that soon, huh…? It might be fun to plan to do something the night before that’s centered around Mutsuki-kun and Satsuki-kun.)
Top secret project 1 (5)
Mutsuki: …Sensei? What’s wrong~? You got quiet all of a sudden.
Producer: Ah… I’m sorry! I just had a great idea, so I’m going to head back to school.
Mutsuki: Huhhh? You can’t do that, Sensei. I can’t just let you learn my secret and leave so easily, can I?


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