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Profile Story
(Profile Story) Torahiko Kusakabe

What's up what's up? Are you interested in the paintings of the great me?
Well, people whose hearts aren't moved by the paintings of the great me are crazy! Nishishi!
No need to hold back. Look at them all you want until you get bored
If you're an artist at the level of the great me, a gallery of one or two people is nothing
By the way, you seem to have been looking for someone since earlier
Could it be, you were looking for the great me?
Ah! Could it be you? Our producer
I figure you're a guy with good sense. From here on out I look forward to working with you

Initial R/RR Doing as I want
Second Batch R/RR Proof that you gave it your best
Initial SR/UR Torahiko, you're quitting school?
Ocean SR/UR Summer art
Valentine's Day SR/UR KISS or KISS
Second Batch SR/UR Art for the two
Sports Festival SR/UR Winners and Losers
RPG SR/UR Wild intuition
Gods of fortune SR/UR Snow sky canvas
Initial LE/GR Art is an explosion!
Fukuzatsu Paradox LE/GR Complex paradox
1st Anniversary LE/GR Love that overcomes the canvas
Creation GR Creation 03
Halloween 2016 LE/GR How to make sure of your love
Wild Pitch Ceremony LE/GR Wild pitch ceremony
Amusement Park LE/GR The leading actor of the Amusement Park

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