Momoi Kyosuke Twitter Icon
Tora-chan is our precious leader! Thank you for everything!
Orihara Hikaru Twitter Icon
Tora! I'll treasure that drawing you gave me! Thank you!
Raku Wakaouji Twitter Icon
Tora, this time can you draw my own form of art too?
Amabe Shiki Twitter Icon
Tora-chan, next time you break my potterie, I won't forgive you okay?
Tobikura Akio Twitter Icon
Tora is free, but he is also a good leader I think... However, he is an idiot, fuhi.

What do you think is your selling point as an idol?
I guess it would be that I'm a painter idol? Plus I'm good at humming!

If you had to describe your type of woman?
Someone greater than me! If there is I want to meet them!

Your favorite saying (or motto)?
It would be "Art is an explosion"! Nishishi!

If one day you became one of the other I-chu's, who would you want to become?
Tatsumi likes to go on journeys too right? So I had to be someone I'd be him and go on journeys!

If you didn't aim to become an idol, then what would you have become?
I would have painted! Even though I still paint, nishishi~!

Someone you respect (admire)?
Picasso! That guy is amazing! I want to draw like him!

Someone that took your interest? (someone you consider a rival)
Lucas! That guy has a great sensitivity and is a really nice guy!

The reason why you wanted to become an idol?
Since the bear told me I could be free to do as a I please! I became a free Idol!

The music genre you listen a lot to?
Since it has impact, I like stuff like reggae. It makes me want to swing my towel around.

The thing you're aiming the most to now?
I want to paint on the school's walls! Nishishi~!

What do you do on your days off?
I draw! The truth is that I want to go off on journeys but Shiki always forbids me to.

Something that recently made you happy?
Lucas offered me new paint materials! As thanks, I offered him a painting I made with it~

A moment that you enjoyed(found funny)?
It would be the time when ArS appeared in a variety show and played a draw-with-a-single-line telephone game! If we failed, we'd be covered in flour.

Since we're here can you tell one secret about your unit's members?
Akio's phobia of women is tremendous! Back then, he made a mistake and boarded a woman's car and he became traumatized for a short while!

A word that represents your team?
"Free"! Since I'm the leader, I'm making all the other members free too!

Something you would say to your fans?
Thank you always! Since I'm a free man, make sure to be all free too! Nishishi!

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