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The creature inside the President is probably a ghost, right? Don't you think so too?
Seiya Some of his insides are out. Will he be alright?
Kanata Mr. Bear is cute!
Akira Ahahaha… To be honest at first I thought he was a suspicious person.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Well, he's colorful and I don't think that's bad….
Mutsuki ….Weirdo?
Noah He's a strange person, but his past authority is wonderful.
Leon Haha! He's an interesting president.
Chaoyang Eeek! I- I got a bit surprised for a moment…
Rabi How should I put it... He's a lively person.
Lucas I can't acknowledge that kind of person.
Kyosuke What a cute bear! I want to take photos of him for reference materials!
Akio The abominable president who dragged me into this industry...!
Shiki I think the president is an interesting person.
Hikaru A virtuous bear who understands my beauty!
Raku He's an interesting man.
Kokoro A high-spirited grandpa.
Runa Wearing a bear costume, he's just fooling around, isn't he?
Momosuke He's too big that it's scary...
Issei That Lord Bear... I'll definitely beat him to death someday!
Futami Is he a bear? Is that why the school is in the middle of a forest?
Takamichi It doesn't look appropriate for us to have a bear as a headmaster, so please stop it...
Eva Tempester is the one whom I was contracted with. You'd better not underestimate him...
Mio I won't forgive him for being cuter than me...
Ban It's kind of crazy to have a president who wears bear costume, isn't it~?
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki A strange guy, isn't he? I like his personality though.
Toya What an adorable Mr. Bear. Fufu~
Tatsumi When I met him for the first time, I thought he was a joke, but now I'm used to it.
Aoi How hideous... He has some cottons out, makes me want to patch him up...
Kuro Hmph...... He's a cunning man. Actually, rather than a bear, doesn't he look more like a raccoon dog?
Saku He's a god who helped me to properly meet Producer-chan!
Baber A big bear. Almost as tall as Baber?

What do you think about my paintings?
Seiya When I look at them I go 'gaah' and I get a feeling of 'gin' in my chest!
Kanata Tora-chan's works are amazing!
Akira You call people like him geniuses, right?
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki They're of good taste. It's a compliment, you know?
Mutsuki Tora-chan's paintings are incredible, aren't they?
Noah Avant-garde art, huh.
Leon My impression is that they're unbelievable! That's the only thing I can say.
Chaoyang I'm not familiar with fine art, but I think these works make you feel something.
Rabi I think their appearances have great impact, but there's also warmth in them.
Lucas They're hard to understand for me.
Kyosuke Tora-chan is an amazing person to be able to express what he sees through painting!
Akio I don't understand him that well, but his works are incredibly unique….
Shiki Tora-chan has a sensibility that I can't imitate.
Hikaru Tora's drawings have a beauty difficult to express!
Raku He's free y'know.
Kokoro They're creative.
Runa I think that he's very talented. There's only a paper thin difference between a genius and an idiot after all.
Momosuke Momo is bad at drawing, so I really admire them.
Issei He's a strange person, isn't he?
Futami I don't really understand art.
Takamichi Only his talent at painting is at the level of a genius...
Eva Hmph. I'll make him paint a portrait of me one day!
Mio I want him to draw me together with Master ♪
Ban Your works are incredible! I don't really understand, but they're incredible!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki There are auras coming out of his paintings. He's doing quite well as an artist.
Toya Torahiko-kun is amazing, to be able to draw these kind of paintings!
Tatsumi I don't really understand paintings, but I feel its vigor...
Aoi It's a beauty that I can't understand.
Kuro Eh? Is this painting very valuable? I don't really understand......
Saku I hope you'll keep on drawing animals only.
Baber Baber also wants to be good at drawing. Hey, teach me......

Tell me your favorite season! Mine is summer!
Seiya Definitely summer!
Kanata Spring. Because a lot of flowers bloom then!
Akira I like winter. Summer is a bit too hot and difficult to deal with.
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I like spring!
Mutsuki Spring… I get sleepy then~
Noah I like spring, because the scenery becomes full of lovely shades of colors.
Leon I like winter! I wonder if it will snow.
Chaoyang I like autumn… The colors of the leaves are beautiful.
Rabi Winter, I guess? I'm used to the cold.
Lucas Autumn... The stillness is nice.
Kyosuke I like spring~
Akio Winter… I like to use the kotatsu…
Shiki It's summer. Because it's the season where you get to see girls in swimsuits ♪
Hikaru My figure being embraced in autumn colors is beautiful...
Raku Autumn. I like the autumn leaves.
Kokoro Spring! There are a lot of cute clothes released! The flowers are also beautiful!
Runa Winter. The air feels calm and soothes me.
Momosuke Spring! I like it because there are a lot of flowers blooming~
Issei Winter... Cold weather makes my sense of pain grow duller...
Futami Spring. We can be more laid back then~
Takamichi Autumn. It has the most refreshing climate after all...
Eva Winter. Night time lasts longer and my power grows stronger.
Mio I like spring~ ♪ There are lots of pink colors and it's beautiful~
Ban I like summer! I want to eat lots of shaved ice~!
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Summer. I like hot weather more.
Toya Winter. I don't really like the cold, but the weather becomes clearer and it feels good.
Tatsumi Autumn. It feels chilly and the food at my traveling destinations taste better!
Aoi Winter. The view when everything turns white is beautiful.
Kuro It's spring. But the pollen are annoying......
Saku Producer-chan's favorite season is also my favorite season!
Baber I like the rain. It's no good because that's not a season? Then I choose the summers from long ago.

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