Toshiyuki Ryugu
竜宮俊之, Ryuuguu Toshiyuki
Toshiyuki Ryugu
The obliging iKids!
"I'm the third son, Toshiyuki Ryugu. I'm fine with having brothers, but I'd love to have a cute older sister like Kokoro-chan too~"
Age 13
Birthday November 1st
Blood Type AB
Height 166 cm
Weight 47 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Cooking
Fave Food Fruits
LeastFave Food Escargot
Looks up to Kokoro Hanabusa
Group bitter jump


Even though he is the youngest of the triplets, he is the most reliable among his brothers. He often takes care of Tatsuomi’s and Orihiro’s troubles.


Toshiyuki Ryugu N (Rainy×2 Shiny) Toshiyuki Ryugu N

Character LinesEdit

I'm Toshiyuki Ryugu, the third of the triplets.
My older brothers tend to fight, so it's always trouble mediate between them...
I need to go back home quickly and bring in the laundry... Ah, I need to do cleaning too...
Kokoro-chan? Is that fine? So cute~
Noeru is a well-behaved kid. I'll bring him a book next time!
Story You can choose a story that you like!
Main Story From which chapter would you like to see?
I'm looking forward to see what kind of story it is.
Love Story You're interested in Love Stories? That's so adult-like~
Uhm... Which one do you want to read?
Shop It's the shop! Speaking of which, I need to go shopping for dinner...
Disk Purchase I wonder if there's a bargain sale~
Friends Friend list is... Ah, it's here! You can look at it here!
Other If you have trouble, I think it'll be fine if you come here.

Affection StoryEdit

Third son of the triplets

Toshiyuki Ryugu - Third son of the triplets (1)
Toshiyuki: Mhmh, they have finally made peace. That's good. Really, my brothers are somewhat troublesome.
Toshiyuki: I must also thank you. You helped me by getting Tatsuomi und Orihiro to meet.
Toshiyuki: Me, Tatsuomi and Orihiro are triplets, but everyone likes and dislikes totally different things and on top of that the two of them are always fighting.
Toshiyuki: As the youngest brother I'm always troubled because of them. I only have to look after older brothers like these.
Toshiyuki: Well, but I have my fair share of fun with it too.
Toshiyuki: We are not very similar, but in the end we're still triples, you know?
Toshiyuki: Somehow I just get it~ What these two are about to say, I mean.
Toshiyuki: And then there times where I think "What are these two, my spokespersons?" too.
Toshiyuki: It's kind of amazing, you know. It's like trying to fight an internal conflict, right?
Toshiyuki: At times like these I genuinely think "I really am their little brother".

Cutie costume

Toshiyuki Ryugu - Cutie costume (1)
Toshiyuki: Ah, if that isn't Producer-san. Long time no see.
Toshiyuki: Today Tatsuomi and Orihiro aren't with me, so I felt a little lonely. I'm a little relieved I met you.
Toshiyuki: However, Kokoro-chan is really amazing. Not even one year has passed for the group and they're already having a Tour, right?
Toshiyuki: I'm really respecting that. There isn't even that much difference between our ages.
Toshiyuki: We want to follow you and sing at such a huge place too someday, Producer-san.
Toshiyuki: Ahaha, but we have to work even more for that. Today's Live comes first of all, right?
Toshiyuki Ryugu - Cutie costume (2)
Toshiyuki: Uwah, I'm starting to get tense all over again. I knew coming alone wouldn't have been good.
Toshiyuki: Hey, Producer-san. Please look at me properly. Even if diligently looking at Kokoro-chan might be your work right now.
Toshiyuki: Because after all I might even become your I-Chu someday, so it can't hurt to watch over me.
Toshiyuki: ... See you later!

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Hehe, it’s my birthday! I'd like you to bake a cake~
Noeru I wonder which present would Noeru like, a cake or a book?
Kokoro It’s Kokoro-chan’s birthday, so I wonder if I should gift him a sewn dress?
Producer Happy birthday! Let me give you a hand today!


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