Profile Story
(Profile Story) Toya Honoki
Toya: Eh, we haven't met before have we?
Aah, you are...! I have already heard the rumors!
I am Toya Honoki, a member of Tenjyou Tenge. That said, did you hear it?
The rumor I heard wasn't a bad one at all. I heard that we will get a capable producer.
It seems you will be in charge of us too, right?
Fufu, so it really was so. You somehow looked like you were searching for me so I kinda guessed it.
I'm glad we have a kind producer like you.
You're a person with a smile like flowers blooming.[1] Please don't get that embarrassed. I'm just telling the truth.
Pleased to work with you from now on.
Initial R/RR Serving with dedication
Second Batch R/RR Blooming protector
Initial SR/UR Unexpected common features
Valentine's Day SR/UR Sharing the happiness
Second Batch SR/UR Secret positivity
Animal Teahouse SR/UR Healing tail
Taisho Roman SR/UR A lovely place to return
Vacation SR/UR Gift of everlasting summer
Doctor SR/UR Getting rid of unrequieted love
Farming SR/UR Beyond motherhood
Initial LE/GR Basking in the sun
Momiji no hosomichi LE/GR Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves
1st Anniversary LE/GR A treasure that's only mine
Tsuikai no Gentiana LE/GR Gentianas of reminiscence
Agent LE/GR The meaning of manliness
New Year 2017 LE/GR Something I think of with great care
2016 I-Chu Awards GR First Lucky Boy
Warlock LE/GR Have plenty of love
Kindergarten LE/GR Shining memorial
2nd Anniversary LE/GR A future spin by the butterfly
Birthday LE/GR Dusk smile
X'mas 2017 LE/GR Confession on a snowy landscape
Kakujusenzai no maikagura LE/GR Kagura dance of the thousand years old crane
White Day 2018 LE/GR How to radiate love


  1. The phrase he uses is 花が綻ぶように笑う which is used when someone has a bright smile