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When you were a student, did you attend clubs? I was in the Tea Ceremony Club! Play
Seiya I was a member of the Swimming Club, y'know? Swimming feels so great~! Play
Kanata Chorus Club! I like singing after all! Hmhm~♪ Play
Akira I didn't join any club. But I was often asked to be a helper. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I did pranks in a lot of sports clu-... I meddled a lot! Play
Mutsuki I didn't attend any. It's because during those hours I was always sleeping. Play
Noah That's right... I joined horse riding classes. Play
Leon Basketball! I might look like this, but I'm good at it! Play
Chaoyang I entered an international exchange club! Play
Rabi I didn't attend clubs... I was busy with other activities. Play
Lucas I didn't enter any club. Play
Torahiko I entered an art club but I basically went away on a trip. Play
Kyosuke I was a member of the Manga Club! Play
Akio I didn't join any... Play
Shiki I joined the Tea Ceremony Club. Do you want to try it next time, Honoki-san? Play
Hikaru I was part of the Drama Club. Of course, I was always the leading actor! Play
Raku I was in the calligraphy club... Well, it was like a ghost club. Play
Kokoro I was busy practicing so I didn't join any~ Play
Runa I joined the Student Council, but right now I don't attend any. Play
Momosuke I joined the Gardening Club. Back then, I also grew vegetables. Play
Issei I joined the Karate Club, but quit soon after. Play
Futami I remembered that I was forced to join the Wrestling Club, then quit in the same day~ Play
Takamichi I went and looked at the clubs, but there were none lively enough so I ended up not joining any. Play
Eva If I stay in the sunlight my power will become weak. That's why club activities were out of question! Play
Mio I didn't attend any club, you know? Play
Ban A training course for street performances! Besides me there weren't other members so it was like a ghost club! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Karate Club. I even participated in the national tournament! Play
Tatsumi I was in the soccer club. My position was FW! Play
Aoi Wind instruments club. Play
Kuro At the time I was busy with activities as an I-Chu so I didn't do much, even though I was the chairman of a committee. Play
Saku If I went for something like club activities, how could I go and visit Producer-chan? Play
Baber Part of the drama club...... Baber loves acting! Play

Do you have any siblings? Actually, I have a younger twin sister! Play
Seiya I have a very pretty big sis, but she's really scary! Play
Kanata My little brother is a responsible kid! Play
Akira If I have to describe her, then I'd say she's like a little kitten. *chuckles* You'll understand if you meet her. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Mutsuki? He can sleep anywhere so it's quite troublesome. Play
Mutsuki Satsuki is a prankster kid maybe? Play
Noah I don't have siblings, but Seiya is like a brother to me. Play
Leon I wanted to have an older sister~! Brothers are squalid! Play
Chaoyang We have a good relationship...! I wonder what everyone is doing now. Play
Rabi My older and younger sisters are calm people... But their faces don't resemble mine. Play
Lucas I don't have any but I don't feel lonely. Play
Torahiko My older sister always wears tiger patterned clothes and smokes cigarettes. Play
Kyosuke My little sister keeps grinning while looking at us, it's kind of scary... Ahaha. Play
Akio I have a lot of older sisters... That's why my gynophobia... Hh... Play
Shiki I'm on good terms with my little sister. She would get mad at me if I tried to hit on her classmates, though. Play
Hikaru I don't have any. It would have been troublesome if someone else as beautiful as me exists, right? Play
Raku I don't have siblings but the members of ArS are like brothers to me. Play
Kokoro I don't have any siblings but producer is like my older sister. Play
Runa I don't have any siblings, but Kokoro and Momo are just like handful younger sisters to me. Play
Momosuke My little brother, you see, is very diligent and always kind to girls! Play
Issei I have one stupidly diligent honor student type as a little brother... Play
Futami My older brother is a capable guy~ But he has a very grim face! Play
Takamichi My older sister is the president director of a clothing company overseas. Certainly not someone to be opposed! Play
Eva My blood relatives have died out. I am the last survivor of my family, I'm the Bloody Master! Play
Mio I don't have siblings, but I don't accept to see Ban as a brother! Play
Ban To me my siblings are Master and Mio! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I've been an only child until recently, and it can't be helped that my much younger little sister is so adorable! Play
Tatsumi I can't go against big sis and big bro... That's the nature of the youngest child. Play
Aoi Both my little sister and little brother are attached to me. They're nice and very adorable. Play
Kuro I used to have a sister, but not anymore...... Play
Saku I have two older sisters, though I usually don't talk to them when I'm at home~ Play
Baber Big brother is super cool and reaaaally nice!! Fufu...... Play

Please tell us your blood type. Mine is type B. Play
Seiya Type O! Suits me, right? Play
Kanata It's type AB... Eh, it suits me? Play
Akira It's type A. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Type B! The same as Mutsuki's~ Play
Mutsuki Type B. I'm often told that it suits me. Play
Noah Type B. Play
Leon type O! Play
Chaoyang Type AB. Play
Rabi Type O. Play
Lucas Type A. Play
Torahiko Type AB! Play
Kyosuke It's type O~ Play
Akio Type O... I'm not big hearted at all though... Play
Shiki Well now, which type do you think I look like? *chuckles* The correct answer is type A. Play
Hikaru It's type O! Play
Raku Type B. Play
Kokoro Type B! Play
Runa Type A. I'm a methodical person after all. Play
Momosuke It's type AB! I'm often told that I don't look like an AB person. Play
Issei Type AB. If you call me a weirdo then I'll shut your mouth... Play
Futami Type B~ Play
Takamichi Type A. Futami and Issei are way too unorganized. Play
Eva It's type A, the unusual type called rare[1]. A blood befitting to me! Play
Mio Type B. But I'm not selfish, you know? Play
Ban Type O! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Type AB. Play
Tatsumi Type O. I look just like one, don't I? Play
Aoi Type B. I looks like it, right? Play
Kuro Type A. It's the blood type of serious men...... Play
Saku Type B. Play
Baber Type AB. Is it what you get when you put together an A type and B type? Play

Notes Edit

  1. He's saying that his blood type is A-.

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