Special Phone Call Questions that are unlocked only between a pair of characters. Here you will find the individual questions Toya does to each character.


Seiya Aido
Toya I think I heard somewhere that you like kimonos, Seiya-kun. We sell traditional clothes in my family's shop. File:Toya-Seiya Q.ogg
Seiya Seriously? I love kimonos! I want to go visit your home now! File:Toya-Seiya A.ogg
Akira Mitsurugi
Toya Akira-kun, you somehow feel more like an adult than Tsubaki. Maybe because you have a calmer demeanor. File:Toya-Akira Q.ogg
Akira It's probably because you watched over Rindo-san since he was young. File:Toya-Akira A.ogg
Kanata Minato
Toya Excuse me, I've been thinking about it, but I really want to sq~uish Rabirabi. File:Toya-Kanata Q.ogg
Kanata Really? Okay! Rabirabi says that he also wants to be sq~uished by Toya-san. File:Toya-Kanata A.ogg

Twinkle BellEdit

Satsuki Kururugi
Toya Satsuki-kun and Mutsuki-kun are twins. Actually, I am also a twin~ Fufu. File:Toya-Satsuki Q.ogg
Satsuki For real!? Fellow twins unite! I'm excited to see your look-alike! File:Toya-Satsuki A.ogg
Mutsuki Kururugi
Toya It seems that like me, Mutsuki-kun also has an interest in cooking. Please recommend me some recipes. File:Toya-Mutsuki Q.ogg
Mutsuki Okay~. In return I also want to see your recipes. Let's share our notes with each other. File:Toya-Mutsuki A.ogg


Toya Noah, you know quite a lot about Japanese culture. You're quite passionate about studying it. File:Toya-Noah Q.ogg
Noah I was interested in Japan ever since I read about it in a letter from Seiya. File:Toya-Noah A.ogg
Toya Leon, thank you for always getting along with Tatsumi. File:Toya-Leon Q.ogg
Leon Yup! If it's about Tatsumi you can leave it to me! File:Toya-Leon A.ogg
Toya It's nice to see that you're such a hard worker, Chaoyang-kun. However, you shouldn't push yourself too hard, okay? File:Toya-Chaoyang Q.ogg
Chaoyang Thank you very much...... Toya-san, you're really like a mother...... File:Toya-Chaoyang A.ogg
Toya Tsubaki said that you are also good at martial arts. Could it be that you've also practiced karate before? File:Toya-Rabi Q.ogg
Rabi Ah, I didn't learn it from karate. Um, the way I learned is...... Ahahaha. File:Toya-Rabi A.ogg
Toya Lucas-kun's cooking is really clumsy...... I don't think there is anything I can do for you...... File:Toya-Lucas Q.ogg
Lucas Agh...... Are you sure there is no way to help......? File:Toya-Lucas A.ogg


Torahiko Kusakabe
Toya Tatsumi often shows me the photos he takes when he's out travelling. I also want to take a look at your photos. File:Toya-Torahiko Toya Q.ogg
Torahiko Go ahead! But I like to sketch out what I see rather than take photos. File:Toya-Torahiko A.ogg
Kyosuke Momoi
Toya Kyosuke, lack of sleep isn't good for you. Let's rest for a little bit. File:Toya-Kyosuke Q.ogg
Kyosuke How nice...... Toya-san, you're my ideal mom~ File:Toya-Kyosuke A.ogg
Akio Tobikura
Toya Cup noodles are very bad for your health. You'll get sick, you know? File:Toya-Akio Q.ogg
Akio But ramen is easy and delicious...... File:Toya-Akio A.ogg
Shiki Amabe
Toya I think I have a little bit of interest in ceramics. File:Toya-Shiki Q.ogg
Shiki Would you like to have a pleasant pottery workshop with me? I'll teach you gently. File:Toya-Shiki A.ogg
Hikaru Orihara
Toya You're always getting along with Aoi, thank you very much. File:Toya-Hikaru Q.ogg
Hikaru Likewise, Aoi Kakitsubata having such a close comrade makes me happy! File:Toya-Hikaru A.ogg
Raku Wakaouji
Toya I found out that Raku-kun and I are the same age. Somehow I feel a little closer to you already. ♪ File:Toya-Raku Q.ogg
Raku That's right. What, you also want to join the 22-year olds' drinking session with Shiki and I? File:Toya-Raku A.ogg


Kokoro Hanabusa
Toya The melonpan from the shop that you recommended were really delicious! File:Toya-Kokoro Q.ogg
Kokoro Right! I thought that you might like them! File:Toya-Kokoro A.ogg
Runa Kagurazaka
Toya Even though your violin's tone color is transparent, it's still beautiful. File:Toya-Runa Q.ogg
Runa It makes me really happy to be complimented by you. File:Toya-Runa A.ogg
Momosuke Oikawa
Toya Momosuke-san, sitting in a beautiful posture is the basic courtesy. File:Toya-Momosuke Q.ogg
Momosuke Because my foot has gone completely numb......! Also, please don't call me Momosuke~...... File:Toya-Momosuke A.ogg


Issei Todoroki
Toya Shinya and Mahiru[1] have gone missing somewhere, do you know anything, Issei-kun? File:Toya-Issei Q.ogg
Issei Ah, come and pick them up now. You're lucky that they're following me around. File:Toya-Issei A.ogg
Futami Akabane
Toya Futami-kun, I heard you like apples? I personally like strawberries ♪ File:Toya-Futami Q.ogg
Futami My fellow fruit lover~! When I talk about apples I suddenly get the craving to eat one~ File:Toya-Futami A.ogg
Takamichi Sanzenin
Toya I'm suddenly getting the urge to visit the wine cellar in your house, Takamichi-kun. File:Toya-Takamichi Toya Q.ogg
Takamichi Oh, are you coming over now? I'll try to prepare a Romanée-Conti [2] wine for you. File:Toya-Takamichi A.ogg


Eva Armstrong
Toya Fufu, Eva's friend Sammy-kun is really cute, huh. File:Toya-Eva Q.ogg
Eva Sammy has gotten close to someone else besides me......! You truly are the Holy Angel......! File:Toya-Eva A.ogg
Mio Yamanobe
Toya Mio-kun, you seem like an ideal child in front of Eva-kun, fufu. File:Toya-Mio Q.ogg
Mio Yup! After all I am Eva-sama's number one servant! File:Toya-Mio Mio A.ogg
Ban Jumonji
Toya Ban-kun really eats a lot~ Here, I saved a second portion for you. File:Toya-Ban Toya Q.ogg
Ban Toya's rice is really tasty! I even get to have seconds, hey! File:Toya-Ban A.ogg

Tenjyou TengeEdit

Tsubaki Rindo
Toya The young Tsubaki that was shorter than me was really cute...... Ah, these photos are adorable. File:Toya-Tsubaki Q.ogg
Tsubaki Toya...... You need to stop going back to these old photo albums. File:Toya-Tsubaki A.ogg
Tatsumi Madarao
Toya Tatsumi, fights are bad. When you have a fight shouldn't you say sorry? File:Toya-Tatsumi Q.ogg
Tatsumi I get it, I get it! I'll apologize! Stop treating me like a kid! File:Toya-Tatsumi A.ogg
Aoi Kakitsubata
Toya The treatments that Aoi recommended to me were really effective ♪ File:Toya-Aoi Q.ogg
Aoi Right? Leave it to me, I'll definitely recommend more useful products next time. File:Toya-Aoi A.ogg


Kuro Yakaku
Toya Baber-kun called you mother. File:Toya-Kuro Q2.ogg
Kuro That Baber... I told him to call me dad at least! File:Toya-Kuro A2.ogg
Saku Uruha
Toya You seem to be really good with technology. You even type so fast. File:Toya-Saku Q2.ogg
Saku It might look like I'm smart but it's just a camera and a phone, you know? This is common knowledge. File:Toya-Saku A2.ogg
Toya Baber-kun, do you drink matcha tea? File:Toya-Baber Q2.ogg
Baber Does matcha go well with anpan? Baber wants to try it! File:Toya-Baber A2.ogg

Kuro Yakaku
Toya You always have to deal with Tsubaki's outbursts, I'm really sorry...... File:Toya-Kuro Q.ogg
Kuro There's no need for you to apologize. File:Toya-Kuro A.ogg
Saku Uruha
Toya Saku-kun, please try not to anger Tsubaki so much. Is it not possible to get along? File:Toya-Saku Q.ogg
Saku Even if I wanted to get along, what can I do when the other party is always picking fights first? File:Toya-Saku A.ogg
Toya Baber-kun, are you any good at drinking? File:Toya-Baber Q.ogg
Baber Baber...... hates bitter taste...... Sake, it's bitter...... File:Toya-Baber A.ogg


  1. Shinya and Mahiru are stray cats that Toya found and named.
  2. A vineyard in Burgundy, France. Wine from this vineyard is in high demand and very expensive.