Profile Story
(Profile Story) Tsubaki Rindo
Tsubaki: I heard the news, you know? You'll be following us too, right?
I'm Tsubaki Rindo. One day I'll stand at the top of the world of show business.
You should consider it an honour to work with someone like me, you know?
Not everyone can achieve that, no matter how much they wish for it.
Be sure to make the best of me okay? Producer?
How about you make a happier expression?
...That was a joke, Producer. Don't glare at me with such a scary face. I just wanted to see what reaction you would make.
I don't hate such an enthusiastic woman, you know?
I'll rely on you from now on.
Initial R/RR The Conqueror I-Chu
Second Batch R/RR Feeling of wanting to know
Initial SR/UR Dressing well the way I like it
Valentine's SR/UR Waiting
Second Batch SR/UR Collision and reconciliation
Taisho Roman SR/UR The way a honorable man lives
Agent SR/UR Potentiality of resolution
Amusement Park SR/UR Leaving the work mode off
Party People SR/UR Tsubaki's image change?!
Doctor SR/UR Tsubaki adjusting his glasses!
Initial LE/GR To the height of things
Ifuurinzen, Samurai Tamashi! LE/GR Dignified and Commanding, the Spirit of a Samurai!
1st Anniversary LE/GR The other leading actor
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration LE/GR Dreaming heart and determination that comes true
Sports Festival LE/GR The ruler that doesn't know defeat
Creation GR Creation 08
New Year 2017 LE/GR I want to drown in a secret love
New Year Fanmeeting 2017 GR New Year Fanmeeting 2017 Noon
Nihon Danji LE/GR Japanese man
Grandmaster LE/GR New results
Kindergarten LE/GR Everyone's Papa Tsubaki
2nd Anniversary Scout The flower leading the world
Halloween 2017 LE/GR A costume that would suit me?

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