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A skill that you learned in the past... I'm a black belt in karate. Play
Seiya Swimming! Thanks to it even now I'm still good at it. Play
Kanata I attended dance and voice training classes! Play
Akira Due to my mother's influence, I once attended a yoga class. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I never bothered to attend that sort of lessons. Play
Mutsuki I don't think I ever attended any special classes... Satsuki never did it, so neither did I. Play
Noah I learned how to ride horses. Do you want to ride one with me next time? Play
Leon I learned snowboarding a little~ Play
Chaoyang I've never had those kind of lessons... Play
Rabi Chi... The older brother of a friend taught me how to play drums. Play
Lucas I don't think I've ever attended such lessons. Play
Torahiko If I have time for lessons then I'd rather go on a journey! Play
Kyosuke I've never learned any~ Play
Akio Lessons... I don't think I've ever attended them... Play
Shiki I learned tea ceremony and flower arrangement before. Play
Hikaru I practiced ballet! Play
Raku I learned calligraphy. Play
Kokoro I had piano lessons~ I'll let you listen to it next time! Play
Runa Violin, ballet, tea ceremonies... I learned many things. Play
Momosuke Long time ago, I used to attend a painting class, but I made the teacher cry... Play
Issei Karate. The same as you. If only we were closer in age then we would've fought each other, huh? Play
Futami I was made to learn traditional Japanese dance, but I lack the sense so much I made the teacher cry once. Play
Takamichi I learned a broad variety of musical instruments, from piano to violin. Play
Eva I am able to do anything even without having to ask someone else to teach me. Play
Mio What was it...? I felt that I was made to attend cramming school before. Play
Ban I was made to learn musical instruments, but I had more fun with things where I can move my body! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Toya I learned Japanese dance a bit... Play
Tatsumi I've never attended such lessons. But I did play baseball and soccer with my friends! Play
Aoi I learned piano. Play
Kuro Mental calculations. Calculating money is important after all... Play
Saku Nothing. I didn't go to cram schools and the such. Play
Baber I didn't learn anything. Play

What's your favorite music genre? I prefer rock. Play
Seiya Japanese enka! It's very elegant and cool~ Play
Kanata Nursery rhymes, maybe? I often find myself humming to the tunes! Play
Akira I listen to western music a lot. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Of course it's techno-pop! Play
Mutsuki Techno, maybe? I always listen to it with Satsuki. Play
Noah Classic, I guess... Do you want to listen to one next time? Play
Leon Rock 'n' roll is cool! Play
Chaoyang I like folk songs. Play
Rabi I like the metal genre and often listen to it. How about you listen to it too, Tsubaki? Play
Lucas I often listen to jazz. Play
Torahiko I like reggae! They leave a strong impact to you! Play
Kyosuke Anime songs! They're cool! Play
Akio I prefer silence so I don't really listen to any... Play
Shiki I often listen to J-Pop. Play
Hikaru Classic! It has a refined feel to it and suits this beautiful me! Play
Raku I like enka. Play
Kokoro J-Pop, I guess! Play
Runa I like classics. Play
Momosuke I love musics with healing properties! Play
Issei I like jazz. It's my specialty, after all. Play
Futami I'm not particularly picky, though Nama-chan's theme song is my favorite~ Play
Takamichi Jazz and classics. Play
Eva Let us all respect the dark music. Play
Mio If I close my eyes, I can hear the concerto of Hell ♪ Play
Ban I like songs that can make me easily get into the mood! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Toya Classics. Their echoes are cleansing my mind. Play
Tatsumi I like rock music! Play
Aoi I like jazz. Especially the ones that use wind instruments. Play
Kuro Both rock and classics. If it's music I like everything. Play
Saku Producer-chan's CD's! I listen to them every day! Play
Baber If I sing it with Kuro and Saku I end up liking any music genre.... Play

What do you do in the morning? I go running. It feels great, y'know? Play
Seiya I don't really remember what I do in the morning... Ah, I do brush my teeth! Play
Kanata When I get up in the morning, I will say good morning to Rabirabi first~ Play
Akira I open the curtains first thing in the morning, I guess. Bathing in the morning sunlight can makes one's eyes open wide. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Waking Mutsuki up, I guess. We'll be late if I don't wake him up, after all! Play
Mutsuki Putting my glasses on, I guess. Play
Noah Drinking the tea my butler made. Play
Leon Eating bananas! Play
Chaoyang Washing my face, maybe. Play
Rabi Makeing my bed, was it...? Play
Lucas Breathe in the outside air. Play
Torahiko Somehow I find myself sitting before my canvas. Play
Kyosuke I start with putting on my glasses... Play
Akio C-cleaning my studio... Play
Shiki Brushing my teeth. Play
Hikaru Looking at the mirror! I will wake up when I see my beautiful figure! Play
Raku Washing my face. I'll feel refreshed immediately. Play
Kokoro Checking my smiling face in front of the mirror! Play
Runa Taking a shower. It helps making me wide awake. Play
Momosuke I water my flowers! Play
Issei My head will feel blank in the morning so supposedly I can't do anything, right? Play
Futami Morning... Morning...? What do I do? Play
Takamichi My butler brings tea and the newspaper in so I'm reading it while drinking the tea. Play
Eva I convey my will to all demon beings. Play
Mio I check whether the magic square was broken or not! Play
Ban Opening the refrigerator and drinking milk! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Toya I go to the park in the neighborhood and exercise to radio gymnastics together with the grandmas. Play
Tatsumi Opening my windows and stretching. Bathing in the morning sun feels nice~ Play
Aoi Shampooing in the morning, maybe? I bathe twice a day. Play
Kuro Making breakfast. If you don't charge yourself with energy in the morning you won't be able to keep up, right? Play
Saku I kiss the Producer-chan poster that I have in my room! Play
Baber .... I don't remember. Play

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