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Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (1)
Runa: (I wonder how many times I've come to this country with father now.)
Runa: (I think in the past I've been in high spirits whenever I saw things I've not seen in a long time... Somehow it's a bit boring.)
Runa: (Today I have plans to go clay pidgeon shooting with a friend here. I should go to the place...)
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (2)
Runa's Friend: Wow! Just like I expected of you, Runa. Always hitting the bull's eye!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (3)
Runa: Fufu, thank you. Would you like to do it together with me?
Runa's Friend: No, I prefer just to watch, so it's fine. Runa, your gun handling is very fascinating after all. Show me a lot more!
Runa: Is that so...? Then I will continue.
Bang! Bang!
Runa's Friend: Woow! So cool!
Runa: Thank you...
Runa: (I wonder what's wrong... It should be fun, yet I don't feel excited.)
Bang! Bang! Bang!
Runa: (The lastest begun idol activities should have been very fulfilling every day too, and yet... I wonder why I'm feeling boredom.)
Runa: ...... Sigh, how troubling.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (4)
Runa: Sigh... somehow I'm not satisfied.
Runa: (I wonder why I'm not excited in this way anymore... But I don't intend to live where I feel like something's lacking...)
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (5)
Noah: Runa, are you alright? You don't seem so well...
Runa: Ah, Noah-san...
Noah: I think you making such a face means something big has happened?
Runa: (Something big... I guess that's right. But to trouble Noah-san for that reason...)
Noah: You don't need to hold back. Besides that, I received advise from you before.[1]
Runa: Please don't worry about things from the past. Since I helped because I liked to...
Noah: If that's the case, I'll help because I like to as well. This time, I'd like you to tell me about your troubles.
Runa: Noah-san... If you say so, then is it fine if I accept your kind offer too?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (6)
Noah: Of course. You're very welcome.
Runa: Thank you very much... However, it doesn't mean that it's "something big" like you said, Noah-san.
Noah: Is that so? Well then... what is it that you're so worried about?
Runa: That is... I don't feel excited anymore.
Noah: You don't feel excited??
Runa: Yes. Even though I should be happy every day, I feel somewhat lacking... I'm not able to give you a better description...
Noah: Excitement... This is troubling.
Runa: To get a change of pace I went clay pidgeon shooting in my pastime, but it was not satisfying at all, rather had the opposite effect.
Runa: And with the idol activities being very fun, every day feels fulfilling, but...
Runa: You don't feel that way, right, Noah-san?
Noah: That's right... I have my guitar and besides that, it's always lively, because one of my troublesome bandmates is always around.
Noah: I never feel bored.
Runa: Is that so... I feel jealous.
Runa: Sigh... I wonder just what I should do...
Noah: Right...
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (7)
Noah: ... Hm?
Runa: ? Is something the matter?
Noah: Well... I heard some noise just now...
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (8)
Takamichi: Fuh, you seem to be in trouble.
Runa: Eeh, Takamichi-san!?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 1 (9)
Ban: We heard the story from the beginning to the end!
Noah: Ban!?
Takamichi: If it's trouble like that-
Ban: We want you to leave it to us!
  1. Kouya no Frontier Event Story

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