Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (1)
Runa: Takamichi-san, Ban-san... You surprised me. Why are you here?
Takamichi: That guy lost one of his balls during juggling practise and came to me in tears, so I could do nothing but help searching for it.
Ban: If I lose something and Mio notices it, he'll call me trash again! But I found it! Here!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (2)
*sparkle sparkle*
Runa: Well, then that's great!
Noah: However, we're straying from the topic... You said "leave it to us", but just what are you planning on doing?
Ban: Ha! Even I don't really know. Takamichi, please explain!
Takamichi: I have no choice. Listen, okay? To put it simply, I think Runa wants to do something exciting, right?
Runa: That's a very straight-forward summary, but it is like that, I think.
Takamichi: If that's the case, let's offer you our way of having fun to excite you, Runa!
Ban: Because we know a whole lot more exciting things than ordinary people, I think we'll definitely be helpful to you, Runa!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (3)
Noah: I see... Although they're saying this, what are you going to do?
Runa: Although I am incredibly grateful... I'll just become a bother for these two...?
Ban: We're not thinking of you as a bother at all! As senpai, it's only natural to listen to your problems.
Noah: Fufu, Ban, you're younger than me, but you are a senpai, aren't you. How reliable.
Ban: Hehe, consult me whenever!
Takamichi: Fuh, it's like that. There is no need to hold back, it's fine to rely more on us.
Runa: Ban-san... Takamichi-san...
Noah: Of course, that goes for me too. Although I only entered this school a little earlier than you, it'd make me happy to be relied on.
Noah: Besides, there would be no time to feel down in noisy surroundings, right? I think your boredom would disappear a little.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (4)
Runa: Noah-san... thank you very much!
Runa: Everyone... If you'd like, would you help me search for my "excitement"?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (5)
Noah & Takamichi & Ban: """Of course!"""
Noah: Well then, first is my idea.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (6)
Takamichi: Hey, wait a sec! Why start with you. Wasn't it our idea to search for excitement?
Ban: Right, right! It's like Takamichi says!
Noah: It was Takamichi's idea, but the one who consulted Runa before was me. It would only be proper to start with me, don't you agree?
Takamichi: Guh... I, I have no choice, why don't you show me what you've got then.
Ban: Takamichi... you got defeated way too fast... But what're you going to do here, Noah?
Noah: My idea for Runa is this.
Ban: A horse...?
Runa: My, what beautiful fur it has. Fufu, so Noah-san's idea is offering me riding a horse?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (7)
Noah: You got it!! That's correct.
Noah: Feeling the wind when riding a horse is the best feeling there is. I recommend it very much.
Noah: Runa, do you have experience in horse riding? You don't have to worry, I can even teach a beginner properly.
Runa: I've only done horseback riding a few times before... Maybe I'll be fine.
Noah: Is that so? Well, then that young animal is your partner.
Runa: Yes. ... Young horse with beautiful eyes, I'm looking forward to working with you today.
Runa: Haah... I feel somehow refreshed while riding around the school yard.
Noah: Fufu, it's amazing, isn't it. Your riding is about as skillful as mine, who is familiar with horses.
Runa: Don't say that. My horse riding ability is far away from reaching your extent.
Takamichi: And? Has this satisfied the excitement you were looking for?
Runa: That...
Runa: It certainly was fun and I'm feeling refreshed, but... the excitement I want is still lacking...
Noah: I see... I was confident it would make you say it's exciting, but... this is troubling.
Ban: Well, because it's only the first person! You still have my and Takamichi's preparations ahead, so be patient!
Noah: That's right. Well, next are Takamichi and Ban, whose idea do you take?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 2 (8)
Takamichi: Fufufu, next I'll teach you about how adults play, which Noah and Ban can't offer.
Ban: There is deep meaning behind those words!
Takamichi: Shut up, Ban. ... Ahem. In the name of the house Sanzenin! I'll promise to offer an extraordinary excitement to you, Runa!
Runa: I'll be in your care! I'm looking forward to what kind of exciting experience you're able to do.

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