Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (1)
Runa: Wow... It's very beautiful.
Takamichi: Isn't that right, isn't that right? Giving even more compliments is fine, you know?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (2)
Ban: Whenever I come to Takamichi's house, the parties are luxurious~
Noah: "Whenever I come", do you go to the parties that frequently, Ban?
Ban: Hmm, rather than frequently... Well, now that you mention frequent, I guess it is frequent. Because the Sanzenin house has a close relationship with my house since long ago.
Ban: Takamichi comes to our parties too.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (3)
Takamichi: Yes. But compared to the parties at the Jumonji house, the parties at the Sanzenin house are a lot more extravagant!
Ban: And the meals are delicious too! The meals at my house are almost as delicious!
Takamichi: That's right! The cuisine of the Sanzenin house is far better than that of the Jumonji house!
Ban: But I said it's almost as delicious...
Noah: Yes yes, we understand that you two get along well. It's time to pay attention to Runa now, don't you think?
Takamichi: Oh, that's right. You talk too much, Ban.
Ban: Eeh-! But you talked a lot more, Takamichi!?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (4)
Runa: Fufu, it's great that you two get along so well. Please continue that manzai[1]-like exchange, I don't mind.
Takamichi: Well, we didn't really mean to do manzai.
Ban: Not at all.
Runa: Nevertheless, there are a lot of beautiful things here. That painting and that sculpture too, are these all properties of the Sanzenin house?
Takamichi: Yeah, because it's a principle of the Sanzenin house, to get whatever you want!
Runa: As you'd expect, there are several masterpieces in this house... But the most beautiful is--
Runa: The flowers by the entrance, I think?
Takamichi: Fuh... As expected, you have your eyes on the flowers.
Runa: Certainly? Surely the arrangement of the flowers must be the work of someone famous, right?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (5)
Takamichi: No, the arrangement is by Futami. It looks very skilled, right? Usually he's a NEET without any motivation, but he's actually a pretty amazing guy.
Ban: Heeh, so these are Futami's arrangements! I can't imagine the usual Futami doing such delicate work...
Noah: Yes, I'm surprised too... I had heard about flower arrangement before, but this is the first time I'm seeing such work.
Takamichi: When I saw the flower arrangement of that guy for the first time, I was surprised too. Although I've seen various flower arrangements up until now, I like Futami's work the most.
Takamichi: ... Well, he is still a NEET at heart, so you rarely get him to arrange flowers.
Takamichi: ... Right, Runa, do you want to try playing billiards together with me?
Runa: Billiards?
Takamichi: Yes, it's exciting enough for a party alone, this is the adult's play I told you about earlier.
Runa: I see...! Yes, I certainly want to try it!
Takamichi: Alright, now that this is decided, come with me!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (6)
Runa: I've never played billiards before, I wonder if I'm able to do it...?
Takamichi: Yes, I'll teach you, so you'll certainly be able to do it.
Takamichi: Well then, I'll give you a brief explanation of the game and how to shoot, so watch very well to remember it, alright?
Takamichi: After that, we'll have a match. Of course, I'll give myself a handicap.
Runa: Yes. I'm looking forward to it.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (7)
Takamichi: I, someone like me lost...!?
Runa: That was very fun, Takamichi-san. And thank you... for going easy on me.
Runa: Letting a beginner win, you're very kind, Takamichi-san.
Takamichi: Of, of course that's only natural. Because this is a party to entertain you today, Runa.
Takamichi: ... We should go back to Ban and Noah. I'm worried about whether or not Ban made a mess yet.
Runa: Yes. Let's go.
Takamichi: (Kuh... I can never admit that I played serious at the end and yet I still lost...)
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 3 (8)
Ban: Ah, welcome back!
Noah: You look like you've enjoyed playing billiards.
Runa: Yes, it was very enjoyable.
Takamichi: It surprised me he learned it so quickly. It looks like Runa has a talent for playing billiards too.
Noah: Heeh, I also want to try playing against Runa someday. ... Say, Runa. Is your boredom cured?
Takamichi: Up until now, you should've been excited plenty!
Runa: That's right... It certainly was fun, but... It was wrong too.
Takamichi: This...!
Noah: Hmph... This is troubling. I can't believe this was wrong too.
Takamichi: We did everything we could...
Ban: Hey! You forgot about me! I'll take revenge on you, Noah and Takamichi!
Takamichi: Well, but this doesn't really mean we harmed you.
Ban: I have a secret plan up in my sleeve! I'm planning to ride this sinking ship to safety, so no worries!
Noah & Takamichi: ... Worrying.
Runa: Fufu, then I'll be in your care. Ban-san.

  1. Manzai is a two-person comedy act in which one person acts like the funny man and the other like the straight man

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