Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (1)
Ban: When you're worried, eating delicious things is the best after all! Here we can excite our stomachs together!
Takamichi: A high class all you can eat buffet. Well, it's Ban. Taking the food department was to be expected.
Ban: Hehe! This restaurant is sponsored by the Jumonji family. So good taste is guaranteed!
Runa: Well, I'm looking foward to it. Surely there are only delicious tasting things here?
Ban: Of course! Everyone, let's eat until our stomachs are full!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (2)
Ban: Hmm~♪ Whenever I eat here, the cooking is always the best~!
Takamichi: Hmph! The restaurants of the Sanzenin house also have quality this high...!
Noah: Now, now. You don't have to get so worked up over this, it's childish.
Takamichi: This is the fate of someone who carries the honor of a family, Noah! This has nothing to do with being childish!
Noah: Sigh... Well, do what you want. I'll stop here.
Ban: Oh? Are you eating, Runa? You can eat a lot more if you want.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (3)
Runa: ... I'm sorry, I'm already full.
Ban: Eeh!? Already!?
Noah: Ban, not everyone can eat as much as you do.
Ban: This... Although my special menu comes after this...
Takamichi: Special?
Ban: Runa, your hobby is making traditional Japanese sweets, right?
Runa: ... How do you know that?
Ban: I've heard it from Kokoro! He said "Runa is very good at making Japanese sweets"! So you love Japanese sweets, right?
Ban: I had the chef make a lot of beautiful Japanese sweets. Come on, please look at them!
Runa: Wow... How beautiful...
Ban: Hm... But since you said your stomach is already full... Ah, I know! How about seeing the place where they were made?
Ban: A special tour through the kitchen?
Runa: Really? I'll certainly want to go!
Ban: Then, it's this way!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (4)
Runa: Amazing... This is the first time I'm seeing professional sweets production up close...
Runa: The work of a professional is different after all. It's very delicate work... Somehow I'm getting very moved..!
Ban: Actually I wanted to move you by having you eat these delicious sweets...
Ban: I never expected your stomach to become full with just that portion...
Runa: What are you saying, Ban-san.
Ban: Runa?
Runa: You have another stomach for sweets, don't you know that saying?
Ban: Eh...?
Runa: Shall we eat the freshly made ones together? If we do, I'd appreciate delicious tea to go together with them too.
Runa: Let's keep it a secret from Takamichi-san and Noah-san, right?
Ban: Yes!
Ban: Hehe, I'm happy we can eat sweets together! After all, eating sweet things gives you a happy feeling!
Runa: Fufu, I agree with that.
Ban: Well, let's eat them at once!
Runa: Yes, let's eat!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (5)
Noah: Aah, you're finally back.
Takamichi: Was it that fun seeing how sweets get made?
Runa: Yes. It was very entertaining.
Ban: And your stomach has become full too, wasn't that really exciting?
Noah: Right. This time nothing but satisfaction shows on your face too, Runa.
Takamichi: It's annoying to fall behind Ban, but if your excitement has been satisfied, it'd be good.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (6)
Runa: Excitement...
Ban:  ? What's wrong?
Noah: Don't say you still...
Takamichi: Even if you had so much fun...?
Runa: I'm sorry... I certainly had fun, but despite that it still feels wrong after all...
Ban: Seriously~...
Noah: If you say you are not satisfied despite this, even we are giving up...
Takamichi: What on earth does satisfy you, Runa...?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 4 (7)
Noah: Sigh... Somehow I'm awfully worn-out.
Runa: Everyone, I'm sorry... You did all this, and yet...
Ban: You don't have to apologize, Runa! ... But how can you obtain the excitement you want, Runa...?
Takamichi: We could ask other people... No, even for us three it was impossible. It's difficult, isn't it.
???: ... Why are you I-Chu-senpai so depressed in front of the school gates?
Runa: ... ? Well, you are...!

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