Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (1)
Rikka: Hello, Runa-san.
Runa: Rikka-san! Hello. What are you doing here?
Rikka: I'm planning to try an experiment now.
Runa: Fufu, you sure love experiments, Rikka-san. Are you all alone here?
Rikka: No. Today I'm doing it with everyone of the iKids today.
Runa: Then it must be very busy.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (2)
Rikka: No. It's fun doing it alone, but it's fun doing something you like together with someone.
Rikka: You want to share something you like with everyone, right?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (3)
Ban: Ah, I get what you mean! Because food is even more delicious when I eat it together with someone!
Noah: I'm usually riding horses alone, but when I was able to ride along side Runa today, it was really fun.
Takamichi: There is no competition if you don't have a partner in billiards as well.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (4)
Runa: Sharing the things I like... with everyone... I see, there was such a thing...
Noah:  ? What is it, Runa.
Ban: Did something become clear by that conversation just now?
Runa: So this is what was troubling me, I wonder. Although it took a long time to reach that answer...
Takamichi: We're still in the dark about what kind of thing you're talking about?
Runa: Everyone, thank you very much. I found the answer!
Ban: Eeh!? You leave us in the dark!?
Takamichi: Just what has happened to Runa over the course of the past several minutes...?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (5)
Noah: Fufu. But I'm glad if it got resolved.
Runa: Yes! ... But strictly speaking, while I found the answer to it, I'm still not able to obtain the excitement I've been looking for.
Runa: So Noah-san, Takamichi-san, Ban-san! Please follow me! Now, let's go!
Noah: Eh, going where!?
Ban: I want a proper explanation!
Takamichi: Hey, don't recklessly pull on my arm!
Rikka: They're gone. Come to think of it, what is the thing Runa-san likes...?
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (6)
Runa: Well then, shall we begin?
Takamichi: Wait, wait, wait! I don't understand what's going on. Just what do you plan on beginning.
Runa: I understood what Rikka-san was saying.
Ban: What did you understand?
Runa: I've been invited by Kokoro to become an I-Chu, and everyday is fun.
Runa: I've taken being together with Kokoro and Momo for granted a lot, to the point where I feel boredom when I'm doing something alone.
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (7)
Runa: That's why even the clay pidgeon shooting I love so much felt boring. So, the excitement I desired is this.
Runa: *loads gun*
Noah: Runa... We understand what you want to say... Since we understand, why don't you calm down?
Runa: I am extremely calm.
Noah: A calm person would not point a gun at their friends while smiling like that!
Runa: Please rest assured. Since the bullets in this gun are BB bullets.
Ban: So it's safe if you get hit by it?
Runa: Of course. I'll guarantee your safety.
Takamichi: ...... Getting shot by it doesn't hurt?
Runa: Well... I've never been hit by it, but I think it doesn't hurt that much. You're wearing firm armor too.
Runa: Aah, but if it hits your exposed skin, you might get bruises.
Noah: ... This sounds like "rest assured" to you?
Runa: It's fine! I won't do such inhuman things as hitting the flesh if you don't run away.
Takamichi: If you don't run away...?
Runa: Now, we talked so much, shouldn't we begin already?
Ban: No, I have to prepare my mind first...!
Runa: Fufu, you're able to prepare your mind after an unpleasant start too.
Runa: If we're just staying here forever, we won't be able to move forward. And besides--
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (8)
Runa: I had a lot of fun getting taught by everyone. So I want to teach everyone too.
Runa: A very exciting and fun survival game... Please enjoy yourselves to your heart's content... okay!
Takamichi: .... !! He comes! Run away, Noah! Ban!
Noah: Aah, as it is, we might become full of holes...!
Ban: Wait! Are you serious!?
Runa: It doesn't matter if it's one against three today. If you hit me with just one bullet it is your victory.
Runa: I waited ten seconds. Well then--Let's begin!
Runa: First is Takamichi-san! Please prepare yourself!
*bang* *bang* *bang* *bang*
Takamichi: Me!? Wa, wait, I'm still not prepared... Hiih! It hurts!!
Noah: Ta, Takamichi's getting aimed at, use the chance to run away, Ban!
Ban: Ye, yes! I won't let Takamichi's valuable sacrifice go to waste...!
Takamichi: Don't leave me to die selfishly! What "valuable sacrifice"! I said to run away, but don't leave me behind--!!
Runa: Fufu, your friends easily used you as a decoy without hesitation. But you can't run away from me.
Runa: Next up is Noah-san's turn!
Noah: Sto, stop, Runa! Don't point that thing at me!
Runa: Arguing is useless!
*bang* *bang* *bang* *bang*
Noah: Ah, it's useless... Ban... I leave it... to you...
Ban: No, Noaaaaaaah!!
Runa: One left.
Ban: I'm, I'm glad that Runa has become lively, but I'm not happy that you got this lively~~!
Tsuigeki Killer Sniper 5 (9)
Runa: Fufu... Ban-san, don't run away. ♪
Ban: Sa, save me! Eva-samaaa~~!!

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