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Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (1)
Tsubaki: Until the next meeting make sure to practice on the parts that you weren't good at. In particular Tatsumi.
Tatsumi: I know, I know. I'm prepared for the consequences of not practicing enough.
Aoi: Good grief, you came ten minutes at the end of the practice. As one would expect from you. I wouldn't be able to behave like that.
Tatsumi: As I said, I got a lot of jobs and didn't have time for it!
Aoi: That's just an excuse. Time is something you make.
Tatsumi: Hnggg....!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (2)
Toya: Come on you two, stop it with the fighting.
Tsubaki: Toya is right! Are you two getting angry because your stomach is empty or something? Wouldn't be surprised from brats.
Tatsumi: I'm not a brat!
Tsubaki: The fact that you snapped back at me like that is proof that you are.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (3)
Tsubaki: Well, I'm actually the one who's hungry, so shall we go somewhere to eat and then go back home?
Tatsumi: Food! I'll go! Come on Aoi, will you come too?
Aoi: Uhmmm, I don't really want to eat too much after 6 pm.... Well, if it's something low on calories then yes.
Tsubaki: Alright, its decided. Let's go then.
Toya: ..........
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (4)
Tsubaki: .....? Hey, Toya? What's wrong? We're going, y'know?
Toya: ..... I'm sorry, but I have some business to take care of, so today you three can go without me.
Tsubaki: What....?
Toya: Then I will take my leave now. Thank you for the hard work.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (5)
Tatsumi: ....It's unusual for Toya to decline.
Aoi: He rarely declines Tsubaki's invitations, or rather, if Tsubaki goes, then Toya has to necessarily go too...
Aoi: ....Did something happen?
Tsubaki: ..........
Aoi: Tsubaki?
Tsubaki: .....No, it's nothing. He has his own stuff to take care of too once in a while. Let's just go with the three of us this time.
Aoi: ....If you say so.
Tatsumi: ? Let's hurry up and go now~ I wanna eat something Chinese today~
Tatsumi: Ah, right! The other day Chaoyang told me about a Chinese restaurant that a friend of his managed! Let's go there!
Aoi: Did you listen to me? Didn't I say "low calories"?
Tatsumi: Huh? Why do we have to follow your opinion at all costs!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (6)
Tsubaki: Don't be too loud, you two. I won't kindly mediate like Toya, y'know?
Tsubaki: If you're too loud I'll shut you up with a punch.
Tatsumi: ....I will be quiet today.
Aoi: For once you made a smart decision.
Tsubaki: Kuku, it was a joke. ....Let's go.
Tatsumi: Ok!
Tsubaki: ...............
[Next Day]
Tsubaki: Hm~mm... You can't really come up with an image of the live by just reading the configuration script. Should I listen to the song too?
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (7)
Tsubaki: So, ehm.... where do I put the CD in this thing? The playback button is....? Uuu~~~m....
Tsubaki: Hey Toya! How do I--- ....... Toya?
Tsubaki: ..... That reminds me, I haven't seen him yet today.
Tsubaki: (All of a sudden he always has stuff to do....)
Tsubaki: (...... He's been strange lately.)
Producer: Is something troubling you?
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (8)
Tsubaki: WOAH?! You surprised me. Don't suddenly enter like that.
Producer: Eh, I-I'm sorry.... But I heard a loud voice and wondered if something happened.
Tsubaki: .... Nothing in particular.
Producer: .... Is that so? Then alright.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (9)
Tsubaki: .... More importantly, Producer, have you seen Toya?
Producer: Toya-kun? I haven't seen him today... But this is unusual, I never thought you would ask me where Toya-kun is.
Tsubaki: You're right..... It's the first time this happens.
Producer: Is everything alright? .... Can I do anything to help?
Tsubaki: .... No, it's alright. Sorry for keeping you here.
Producer: Don't worry about it. Always call me in times of need. Then, see you later.
Tsubaki: What... is he doing?
Tsubaki: (Since long ago he would always be by my side, so why didn't he even leave a message today?)
Tsubaki: (Usually he would leave a message when he couldn't be by my side....)
Tsubaki: (And the other day he declined the offer to go eat together too...)
Tsubaki: Did anything happen, Toya.....
Tsuikai no Gentiana 1 (10)
Toya: ---Then, I will be counting on you for the scheduled day.
Momosuke: No, don't mind it. Momo is really exicted about this~!
Toya: Fufu, me too.

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