Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (1)
Momosuke: After talking a lot, time flew by so fast.
Toya: You're right. By the way, Momosuke-san, is it alright to spend so much time like this?
Momosuke: Yes! I told Runa-chan that I might come late to school since I was having a secret council of war!
Toya: .... That reminds me, I forgot to tell Tsubaki that I wouldn't go to school today.
Toya: (Should I better tell him now.... No, but....)
Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (2)
Momosuke: Did you keep this a secret from Tsubaki-san?
Toya: ...... Yes, this is the first time I'm hiding something from Tsubaki, so I was really careless.
Momosuke: Is it alright for you to not go? Won't Tsubaki-san feel lonely.....
Toya: Fufu, thank you for worrying. .... But let's stop with it for today.
Momosuke: Why? He might be worried, you know?
Toya: If Tsubaki starts suspecting something strange our good strategy would get ruined.
Momosuke: .... I see. Yes, you're right! It can't be helped if we want to make the plan a success!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (3)
Momosuke: Ah, we'll immediately arrive if we turn to this corner! There are a lo~t of pretty flowers so look forward to it!
Toya: Yes. I'm really looking forward to the flower shop you recommended me.
Momosuke: We arrived!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (4)
Toya: Wow.... There are a lot of beautiful flowers!
Toya: Each one of them is wonderful.... Ah, this flower has such a nice scent...
Momosuke: Hehe, I'm glad you're liking them.
Momosuke: You know, I think that if you want to bring out the feeling of autumn you should use the flowers in this area.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (5)
Momosuke: Ah, but what flowers do you like? We can choose those too and.... Toya-san?
Toya: This flower....
Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (6)
Momosuke: That's a gentian flower. [1]
Toya: .... As expected of Momosuke-san, you recognized it by just one look.
Momosuke: Yes! Momo knows a lot about flowers.
Momosuke: Are you interested in it because it has the same name as Tsubaki-san?
Toya: Let's see..... That's right, but that's not the only reason.
Toya: Gentian flowers hold a precious memory for me.
Momosuke: A precious memory.... Is it a memory with Tsubaki-san?
Toya: .... I got found out.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 2 (7)
Momosuke: One could understand that much! After all, when you're looking at this flower you have a really kind expression.
Momosuke: It's surely a really, really precious memory to you.
Toya: Fufu, you're incredible, Momosuke-san. It's super super super correct.
Momosuke: Yay! ...Hey, hey, Toya-san. Momo wants to hear the story of this memory~
Toya: Is that so....
Momosuke: .... Is it not ok?
Toya: Fufu, no, it's alright. ...I think that I surely wanted to tell it to someone one day.
Toya: It will be a bit of a long story, but will you listen to the story of my memory?
Momosuke: Yes!


  1. Gentian in Japanese is pronounced "Rindou" which is also Tsubaki's surname. This gets used a lot in the story

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