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Tsuikai no Gentiana 3 (1)
Toya: The story happened when I was in first grade of middle school, while Tsubaki was in sixth grade of elementary school. [1]
Toya: One day, I, my father and Tsubaki's father were waiting for Tsubaki to come back from school--
Tsuikai no Gentiana 3 (2)
sounds of footsteps and door opening
Tsubaki: Uwah, why is everyone gathered here.
Tsubaki's father: Tsubaki, you should first say "I'm home" when you come back, right?
Tsubaki: Y-yes.... Dad, Toya, Toya's father, I'm home.
Toya: Welcome back, Tsubaki.
Toya's father: Welcome back, Tsubaki-kun.
Tsubaki's father: Welcome, Tsubaki. Leave your school bag and come sit here.
Tsubaki: ? Yes.... Hey, what's happening? You're acting strange today?
Tsubaki's father: Because right now I will tell something really important to you.
Tsubaki: Something, important.....?
Tsubaki's father: From today onward Toya-kun will become your attendant. Please bear in mind to not cause any troubles to him.
Tsubaki: "Attendant"....? Toya, what's an attendant?
Toya: Let's see.... Maybe that I will be serving you?
Tsubaki: "Serving"?? I don't really understand, but does that mean that we will always be together?
Toya: I think that it will be like that.
Toya's father: Toya, you shouldn't say "I think", because that's how it will be. You must always stay by his side and work diligently for his sake. That's what an attendant is.
Tsubaki: I don't understand what "diligently" means, but if it means that Toya will always stay with me then it's nice! An attendant is nice!
Tsubaki's father: ...Toya-kun, I think Tsubaki will make you go through quite the hardships, but I will leave him under your care.
Toya: Yes, leave it to me.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 3 (3)
Toya: At that time, when Tsubaki asked me about the meaning of attendant I explained it to him, but to be honest, I didn't really understand what an attendant was.
Momosuke: .... Being an attendant sounds difficult.
Momosuke: Momo doesn't really understand, but that means that you have to always be by his side, right?
Toya: Fufu, generally speaking you're right. But...
Toya: My relationship with Tsubaki became something else since that day, and I remember that I felt a bit lonely.
Momosuke: Why? As attendant you had to stay by his side, right? I don't think there was a need to change it that much....?
Toya: At that time, I thought that being an attendant was like being a servant.
Toya: That's why, I thought that my relationship with Tsubaki turned from one of being equals to one of master and servant.
Momosuke: Master and servant....
Tsuikai no Gentiana 3 (4)
Toya: Until that time, I used to love Tsubaki like a little brother.
Toya: But once I got bestowed with the role of attendant, thinking that I had to get used to it at all cost, I ended up building a distance with him.
Toya: So I put great effort into becoming an existence that wouldn't embarrass Tsubaki, and that he would be proud of me as attendant.
Toya: .... Well, I planned to put in great effort.
Toya: Looking back at it now, that was probably me trying to satisfy myself. I didn't think of Tsubaki's feelings and...
Momosuke: A-And what happened to you two?
Toya: .... After a while, I finally realized that my relationship with Tsubaki was becoming a mess.
Toya: At first I was the one to take a distance from him, but without realizing he started taking a distance from me too.
Toya: We were so close to each other, and yet so faraway at the same time.
Momosuke: Toya-san....
Momosuke: But now you two are very good friends, right?
Tsuikai no Gentiana 3 (5)
Toya: ..... You're right. We were like this in the past too. But, the reason that we got closer was thanks to an accident that happened at that time.
Momosuke: A-A-Accident?!
Toya: ..... One day, Tsubaki became lost.
Momosuke: EEEH?! That's a really big accident!! W-w-what do we do, call the police....?
Toya: Momosuke-san, calm down. It happened in the past after all.
Toya: I will talk about until the incident got resolved.
Momosuke: Ah, I see. It happened in the past. Momo got surprised.
Momosuke: S-So, how did you find Tsubaki-san again.....?
Toya: Truth is--


  1. By Japan's school system, Tsubaki was 11-12 years old, while Toya was 12-13

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