Tsuikai no Gentiana 4 (1)
Toya: Haa haaa.... He's not here either..... Tsubaki, where did you go...!
Toya: I still haven't received any message from Tsubaki's house.... He's still not home at this hour, did he get into an accident...?!
Toya: P-Police... I have to call the police....!
Tsubaki: ..... Toya.
Toya: !!
Toya: Tsubaki!! You're covered in mud... Where have you been... I was searching for you, you know?!
Tsubaki: ........
Toya: What have you been doing until now? I was really worried for you, you know?
Toya: Why... Why did you disappear without telling me anything....
Tsubaki: ..............
Toya: If anything happened to you... I...... I.....
Tsubaki: Toya....
Toya: .....? Tsubaki, what are you holding in your hand....?
Tsubaki: ..... A gentian.
Toya: A gentian flower? Why...?
Tsubaki: ............
Toya: Tsubaki, I won't understand if you don't talk to me.
Tsubaki: But, you're angry.
Toya: .... I am not angry, I was just worried.
Tsubaki: ..... Really?
Toya: Have I ever lied to you?
Tsubaki: ..... No, but.
Toya: Then, you will tell me, right?
Tsubaki: .... Yes.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 4 (2)
Tsubaki: .... I asked a classmate how to become friends again with someone you had a fight with.
Tsubaki: And they told me to give a flower....
Toya: .... This flower?
Tsubaki: I wanted to give you a gentian at all costs.
Toya: Tsubaki... But, why....? We haven't gotten into a fight.
Tsubaki: We didn't get into a fight..... But, you have gone far away....
Toya: Far away....? That's not true. I'm always by your side after all, even now...
Tsubaki: Even if you're close, our hearts are distant....
Toya: Our hearts....?
Tsubaki: .... I was scared.
Tsubaki: Before becoming an attendant you were like a big brother to me.
Tsubaki: You were always together with me, and we spent time together as good friends.
Tsubaki: But since that say, I feel like something changed. I ended up thinking "will we never come back to how we were before".
Tsubaki: .... So, I tried to think about the "attendant" thing too.
Tsubaki: "Since Toya is my attendant, he has to always stay by my side and save me, but is that alright?"
Tsubaki: "Maybe, I have to become a strong man so that I won't be only saved by Toya, but that I can also be the one to save him."
Tsubaki: "If I become strong, Toya's troubles will decrease too."
Tsubaki: "And that way, Toya's heart will come back to being near me", was what I thought.
Toya: Tsubaki.....
Toya: (*sighs*.... I wasn't understanding anything. In the past I would have been able to notice that Tsubaki was feeling so lonely.)
Toya: (In the end, I did everything out of self-satisfaction, I didn't see Tsubaki's feelings even the slightest bit.)
Toya: (.... I'm, a failure as attendant.)
Tsubaki: Say, Toya, do you know flower language?
Toya: Flower language?
Tsubaki: My school teacher told me. The gentians, who have the same name as me, mean "Justice" in flower language.
Tsubaki: .... I, will leave all my bad parts to the side, and become a man that's as cool as the meaning of these flowers.
Tsubaki: That's why... That's why, Toya.... Don't stray away from me any more....
Toya: Tsubaki....!
Tsubaki: I.... I, I actually want to stay friends with you, but I will try to bear with the attendant thing, so....!
Tsubaki: Toyaaaa...! Don't go away and leave me behind...! D-didn't you say that you would always be by my side...!!
Toya: I'm sorry...! I- I was wrong...! I will definitely never let you go through a sad memory again....!
Toya: I will always be by your side. Even if I end up being considered irritating, I will always, always...!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 4 (3)
Toya: --- And from then on, I always stayed by Tsubaki's side, and supported him when he became an I-Chu.
Toya: But I never thought I would become a member of Tenjyou Tenge and an I-Chu.
Toya: At first, I was happy just by being on his side but... It makes me happy that I can stand on the same stage as him.
Toya: And with Tatsumi and Aoi the amount of little brothers for me increased.
Toya: And I started living a fulfilling life, which was so enjoyable every day to the point where I would ask myself if I deserved it.
Toya: This was all thanks to Tsubaki.
Momosuke: Uuu.... What a nice story~~~!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 4 (4)
Toya: ! Momosuke-san, geez... Please don't cry so much.
Momosuke: But, but~~!
Toya: You ended up crying so much.... Come on, raise your face, I'll wipe your tears away with this handkerchief.
Momosuke: Uuu... Got it~
Toya: We wipe kindly kindly and... Alright, now you're beautiful.
Momosuke: Thank you, Toya-san... I never thought you two would have such a past....
Toya: This is a story that happens a lot.
Momosuke: No, not at all! You rarely hear this type of story!!
Momosuke: Haa.... Once I heard this story, my will to help you grew even bigger.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 4 (5)
Toya: Fufu, that's really helpful.
Momosuke: Toya-san! Let's work really reeeeally hard!!
Toya: Yes, I will be counting on you
Momosuke: .... Ah! Right! Momo just had a good idea!
Toya: What is it?
Momosuke: Ehehe~ It's still a secret! But I'm you it will make you happy! Both you and Tsubaki-san!

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