Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (1)
Tatsumi: Hey hey, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: ... What, Tatsumi.
Tatsumi: Why did we get called here? What is Toya planning to do?
Tsubaki: You think I know? Rather, I'm the first one that wants to know.
Aoi: Fufu, for you to not be able to understand what Toya is thinking, what's wrong, Tsubaki? Did you finally do something to him?
Tsubaki: Huh? There's no way I would do anything to Toya, right?
Tsubaki: And even if something happened, he would never go away from me.
Aoi: Ahaha, that's quite the confidence.
Tatsumi: How can you be so sure of that.... You're really amazing.
Tsubaki: ... We made a promise. "No matter what happens, don't go away from me".
Aoi: ... Heeh, I'm a bit interested in the story behind that. Won't you tell me more in details?
Tsubaki: What?
Aoi: Oops, don't make such a scary face.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (2)
Michiru: Seniors, we're sorry for the wait!
Tsubaki: You're certainly...
Tatsumi: Michiru, right? I heard about you a lot from Toya. Why are you here?
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (3)
Michiru: I came to help Toya-san.
Momosuke: Momo is here too~
Aoi: Even Momo-kun. This is quite the extravagant meeting. So, where are you planning to bring us?
Michiru: Here!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (4)
Momosuke: Wait here just a little bit ♪ I think it will start soon.
Tsubaki: Start?
Tatsumi: What is going to start?
Aoi: You will understand once the curtains open, right? ... Look, it's starting.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (5)
Toya: Tsubaki, Tatsumi, Aoi, welcome!
Tsubaki&Tatsumi&Aoi: !!
Tsubaki: Toya...?!
Toya: Everyone, this might be sudden, but do you remember what day is today?
Tatsumi: Today....?
Aoi: Today is....
Tsubaki: .... Ah, right. Today is--
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (6)
Toya: Fufu, it seems Tsubaki noticed it.
Toya: Today is the day I commemorate my entrance as a member of Tenjyou Tenge.
Toya: But it can also be called as the day where I, who used to be Tsubaki's attendant, was able to stand on the same stage as Tsubaki.
Toya: To me, that's a really, really important day.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (7)
Toya: So, in order to commemorate this, I'm doing a surprise live for my teammates!
Momosuke: Look with a lo~t of attention. Aren't the flowers on this stage cute? Momo chose them together with him~!
Producer: Truth is, I helped a bit with Toya-kun's live too.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (8)
Tatsumi: WAH?! Producer! Since when have you been here!?
Aoi: He managed to drag in the producer too... Way to go, Toya.
Tatsumi: I didn't notice that he was organizing such live at all.....
Tsubaki: Toya... So that's why you stayed away from me for a while.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (9)
Toya: Yes... I'm really sorry. I temporarily broke that promise. But it's not like I forgot about it.
Toya: ... Do you remember when you gave me that gentian flower in the past?
Tsubaki: There's no way I would forget about it.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (10)
Toya: I made it into a pressed flower, and I still take great care of it, you know?
Toya: .... So, let me vow once on that flower.
Toya: Let me always stay by your side as your attendant from now on.
Tsubaki: What are you saying, Toya.
Tsubaki: You're not just an attendant anymore, right?
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (11)
Toya: Eh....?
Tsubaki: You're my important attendant and... Our important teammate.
Toya: ! Yes...!
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (12)
Tsubaki: I will take the word a bit but,
Tsubaki: I don't have the slightest intention of letting you go.
Tsubaki: We made a promise, right? You said that you would keep staying by my side even if I ended up finding you annoying. I won't let you say that you forgot, y'know?
Toya: ... There's, no way I would forget it. I said so myself after all.
Tsubaki: If so, then don't use "let me" as if we didn't know each other.
Tsubaki: You must stay by my side forever. Isn't that something that has already been settled?
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (13)
Tsubaki: I will vow on this gentian flower that I will keep living together with you.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (14)
Toya: Eh, A gentian bouquet... Why....
Tsubaki: Kuku, not surprising you would have been annoying.
Momosouke: Producer-san, is this... Does that mean that it was a big success?!
Producer: Fufu, you're right, Momosuke-san.
Tsuikai no Gentiana 5 (15)
Toya: .... Momosuke-san, was the thing you thought about that time...
Momosuke: Ehehe~ I wonder~ Momo doesn't knoooow♪
Toya: .... Thank you very much, Momosuke-san, Producer.
Tsubaki: Come on, enchant us! You called us here after all, so show us the best stage ever.
Toya: Of course! Toya Honoki, former attendant of Tsubaki and member of Tenjyou Tenge, will now deliver you three the most amazing song!
Toya: So please listen!

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