Producer: Thanks for handling the navigation in here.
Two-sided Mask 2 (1)
Akira: I never would’ve imagined you’d give me this kind of job.
Producer: I didn’t know who would be the best choice out of all the I-Chu, but I’m really glad you agreed to come, Mitsurugi-kun!
Akira: Well, out of how many people you had to pick from, it would’ve probably been a pretty hard choice. …Still, why me?
Producer: I just imagined what you’d look like walking around the museum. That seemed to fit you so well that I didn’t think that anybody else would be a good choice.
Producer: So I’m really glad that you happened to like art museums, after all.
Two-sided Mask 2 (2)
Akira: …It’s an honor. I’ll have to do all I can to meet your expectations.
Producer: Thank you, Mitsurugi-kun
Akira: Ah, what about this female nude piece that they’re featuring?
Producer: That would probably be good. The coordinator also said that it was the one main features of the exhibition.
Producer: But more than that, if you’re interested, we should go see it. Still, why so curious about that particular piece?
Akira: Why, because it looks rather like you.
Producer: Eh...?
Akira: But nevertheless, it’s also a wonderful piece of work. I never would have thought you could make such a smooth surface or such sensual curves out of stone.
Akira: It’s the first time I’ve seen such an enchanting sculpture.
Producer: (…I know he’s praising the sculpture right now, but for some reason I’m horribly embarrassed.
Producer: Since he did compare it to me earlier…)
Two-sided Mask 2 (3)
Akira: Oh? Why are you turning so red, Producer?
Producer: I am not turning r—!!
Two-sided Mask 2 (4)
Akira: Don’t lie.
Producer: !?
Akira: Look at your reflection in the window over there. No matter how much you protest, you’re bright red.
Producer: (What should I do? Him saying that here is making me way too self-conscious…!)
Akira: …Ah, or perhaps…
Producer: Heh?
Two-sided Mask 2 (5)
Akira: Ahh– I guess I just misunderstood something. Fufu…
Producer: That tone again… You just wanted to tease me this whole time…!
Akira: What ever could you mean?
Producer: There’s no way I wouldn’t be embarrassed with you saying those kinds of things…!
Akira: If I told you that I’d wanted to see you embarrassed, would you get mad?
Producer: God, Mitsurugi-kun!


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