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Two-sided Mask 3 (1)
Akira: You still haven’t cheered up?
Producer: I never needed to cheer up to begin with, though.
Producer: (After he said such embarrassing things, I haven’t been able to talk to Mitsurugi-kun. I know that he was just joking around, but…
Producer: I still can’t look at his face…)
Akira: Are you still angry that I said you looked like the statue?
Producer: I’m not particularly mad anymore. I know you were just messing with me, so…
Akira: …Certainly, my saying that it resembled you was a joke.
Two-sided Mask 3 (2)
Akira: However, I do think that your spirit is truly beautiful.
Producer: Enough. Don’t give me such forced lines. I won’t forgive you for it this time.
Akira: …That’s how I really feel, though.
Producer: (…His tone of voice changed?)
Two-sided Mask 3 (3)
Akira: I really wasn’t trying to hurt you. ….I’m sorry.
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun…?
Akira: I was happy when you immediately picked me out of all of the other I-Chu.
Akira: Or rather I should say I was elated. It was rather out of character for me.
Akira: So, suddenly, I just felt like being a bit mean.
Producer: You shouldn’t tease someone over something like that…
Two-sided Mask 3 (4)
Akira: You’re right, and I’m sorry. Still, you’re at fault here, too, given that you said that.
Producer: What do you mean by “that”…?
Akira: That you couldn’t pick anyone but me, or that you were thinking about me more than anyone… You’ve been saying a lot of things along those lines, haven’t you?
Producer: I- I never said anything so grandiose, did I?!
Two-sided Mask 3 (5)
Akira: But still, I was happy. It really messes with my heart to think that you would think of me first.
Akira: I thought, “What if that means I’m also first in a different sense?” and couldn’t help but act on those feelings.
Producer: (…This is the first time I’ve seen Mitsurugi-kun look at me so passionately. Is this really how he feels…?)
Akira: …And what would you do if I really said something like that?
Producer: Eh?
Akira: As you thought, that was quite the exaggeration.
Producer: You’re playing around with me again…!? How the hell do you really feel, anyway?!
Akira: Well, now. What would you like them to be? Perhaps it was all fiction… Or perhaps everything I said was the truth…
Producer: !? You know, one day I’m going to make you show me your real, honest self, so you’d better prepare yourself!
Akira: Fufu. I’m looking all the more forward to it.


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