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Producer: Today is the dance meeting with Tenjyou Tenge....They're always really good so I'm looking forward to it
Producer: I wish school would end quickly...But that's not something to say in the morning....Eh? The one standing there is--
Unexpected common features 1 (1)
Toya: Good morning, Producer
Producer: Morning, Honoki-kun. Do you have an appointment with someone?
Toya: No, I was waiting for you
Producer: For me? Why...Is there something that needs to be discussed asap? If so then you could've just called me on my phone...
Producer: Or did I not tell you my number?
Unexpected common features 1 (2)
Toya: No, it's not that. I just....
Producer: You just?
Toya: I wanted to be together with you, even if just a bit
Producer: Eh....?
Toya: I thought a lot about this you know? But, it wouldn't be helpful to ask you to watch the lessons together
Toya: It's because when you're at school you always look so busy. And so I was wondering how to meet with you after school
Toya: But after school you would be busy too, so the morning was the only possibility. That's why I ambushed you like this
Producer: "Ambushed"? How long have you been waiting here?
Unexpected common features 1 (3)
Toya: Uhm, today maybe since six a.m....
Producer: That early?! And you also said "today". Does that mean you've been waiting here on other days too?
Toya: Yes, but just five times
Producer: If you've been waiting for me that long you should have just called for me to come...
Toya: I didn't want to force you to find time for me. It was a good plan to meet with you
Producer: But....
Toya: Don't worry about it, I'm doing as I want. Thinking about what to talk about while waiting for you was enjoyable too
Unexpected common features 1 (4)
Toya: [Play] Lately, I've been really looking forward to meeting with you
Toya: That's why this is nothing for me
Toya: ....But, I surely troubled you with this didn't I? I should have called you after all...
Producer: No, I'm happy that you said that
Toya: I'm glad. I didn't know what to do if you told me "It feels creepy so please stop doing it"
Producer: I definitely don't think of it like that
Unexpected common features 1 (5)
Toya: Really? When I started talking about my actions I ended up thinking that I look like a stalker
Toya: I don't want to be hated by you, so I'm really glad!

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