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Producer: Such thing as "Stalker"....No, you did sound a bit like one
Unexpected common features 2 (1)
Toya: Right~ I didn't realize it until I put it into words
Producer: ....It makes me really happy that you want to meet and talk with me
Producer: But I think it's a waste to spend that time like this
Toya: I like waiting, you know? That's because during that time I can think of that person all the time
Producer: Honoki-kun....
Toya: I wonder why I think like this
Unexpected common features 2 (2)
Toya: I feel a different familiarity to you than the one I feel with Tsubaki, Tatsumi and Aoi
Producer: Eh, what do you mean...
Toya: I wonder if it's because we take care of Tsubaki and the others together?
Producer: Ah, what's with that....
Producer: (....Hey, why am I feeling a bit disappointed? My relationship with Honoki-kun is just that of a Producer and it's Idol...)
Toya: ....Or maybe, it's not only just that
Producer: Eh? What did you say?
Unexpected common features 2 (3)
Toya: No, it was nothing. But more importantly, Producer, are you still a bit free?
Producer: Yes. I managed to create some time for myself so it's fine. Being full with work since morning somehow isn't my cup of tea.
Producer: Sometimes I think I'd like to work while calmly drinking some coffee.
Producer: And since the office just got a new coffee machine I might do that
Toya: Do you like coffee?
Producer: Yes! I like to add a lot of sugar and drink it sweet
Toya: Ahaha, somehow, that's a bit unexpected
Producer: Maybe. But I've been told by other people that I look like the type to drink it black too
Unexpected common features 2 (4)
Toya: You have the image of a cool adult, so to people that don't know you you may look like that
Toya: But I, on the contrary, felt familiarity
Producer: Then you like coffee with lots of sugar too?
Unexpected common features 2 (5)
Toya: No, I'm sorry but I like it black
Producer: That's too bad. And here I thought I finally found someone like me.
Toya: But, when it comes to ochazuke, I would never eat it if it doesn't have sweet things. In particular, if it has red bean paste then it's perfect.
Producer: I know that feeling very well! The red bean paste goes well with coffee too!
Unexpected common features 2 (6)
Toya: I'm happy we found an unexpected thing in common

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