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Unexpected common features 3 (1)
Toya: Good mornin--
Producer: Good morning Honoki-kun
Toya: seems I lost.
Producer: I gave it my best to wake up early today
Toya: I did have the feeling I was a bit late, but I didn't think you would come that early
Producer: Today is the first time I'll be present in your group's promotional video filming, so I'm plenty fired up
Producer: And I prepared everything so that I could spend the day with you!
Unexpected common features 3 (2)
Toya: *sigh*....I really should have come earlier. Somehow it pains me to only be relying on you
Producer: You're wrong Honoki-kun. That's a job I should've done at all costs. Sometimes you should give priority to the fact that you're an idol.
Toya: Then I'll let myself get spoiled by those words.
Producer: Right right. And that's fine. Ah, by the way, since the other day you said you liked coffee I went and bought some.
Producer: I just bought it earlier so it isn't cold yet. I also went and bought some manjuu.
Unexpected common features 3 (3)
Toya: You really went and prepared everything. Thank you very much
Producer: Is there anything else you want? Sometimes it's fine to be selfish and rely on me you know?
Toya: Like the other members?
Producer: ....Well, they're like that all the time, so if you did it too it would be troublesome
Toya: Fufu! They would get angry if they heard that
Producer: It's fine as long as you don't tell them
Toya: ...So you trust me?
Producer: I do. You would never do something like that.
Unexpected common features 3 (4)
Toya: It makes me really happy that you trust me like that.
Toya: Then, please talk with me until the performance. I'm sure the other members won't come until the last minute.
Producer: That's not a problem. I have a lot of fun when I talk with you.
Toya: You're always saying what I want to hear
Unexpected common features 3 (5)
Toya: If possible, I want to be talking to you the whole time
Producer: It's an honor to have you think like that
Producer: I want to keep talking to you like this too....Until the performance starts, right?
Unexpected common features 3 (6)
Toya: Yes. Then, please let's talk a lot, Producer!

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