Seiya and Enju
Conversation 1
Enju Seiya-nii-chan! I'm here to cheer you on!
Seiya You've come to see me, Enju!
Enju Yes! I'm happy to meet you, Nii-chan!
Seiya Thanks! I'm happy too! Have a thank-you-hug!
Enju Wah, ahaha! I'll return your hug too!
Conversation 2
Enju Hey, hey, listen, Seiya-nii-chan!
Seiya Oh, what's up, Enju?
Enju I've tried to play theater like you the other day.
Seiya You did theater? That's amazing!
Enju I've played Romeo and Julius together with Jimpachi...
Enju And it was super fun! Next time I'll play with all of the iKids!
Seiya Sounds great! I'm looking forward to what kind of play it'll be!
Enju Nii-chan, are you going to come to see us when we're performing?
Seiya Of course! I'm really looking forward to it!
Conversation 3
Enju Hey, Seiya-nii-chan...
Seiya Hm? What's wrong?
Enju I've got the role of Romeo at our next play.
Enju But there are still things I'm not good at, so I want you to look at my acting.
Seiya Yeah! Of course I will! I'm looking forward to it, Enju!
Enju Yay! I'm looking forward to it too! It's a promise!
Seiya Yeah, it's a promise! A pinky-promise!

Seiya and Mutsuki
Conversation 1
Mutsuki You look happy, Seiya.
Seiya Mutsuki, huh! Look who's here!
Mutsuki When I was watching you, my sleepiness got blown away.
Seiya Haha! There's no time to sleep either, so let's get excited!
Mutsuki Huh. Please spare me~
Conversation 2
Seiya Oh, Mutsuki! You're visiting again!
Mutsuki I finished training, so I came to take a look at you.
Seiya You trained with Ban?
Mutsuki Yes. He was taking a look at the training under the condition of making a giant marshmallow.
Seiya So you can make marshmallows too, Mutsuki! Amazing! Ah, then please make me one too some other time.
Seiya Or how about you make me giant fries!?
Mutsuki Huh, that's impossible.
Conversation 3
Seiya Huff... Acting is tough.
Mutsuki I love your acting, you know?
Seiya Really? Thank you! My role is Romeo, is there another role you want to try too, Mutsuki?
Mutsuki I'd like to try being Satsuki.
Seiya The role of Satsuki?
Mutsuki Yep, I'll try being Satsuki and Satsuki tries being me.
Seiya We won't be able to tell who is who anymore when you disguise yourselves! But it sounds fun!

Seiya and Hikaru
Conversation 1
Hikaru Hey, Seiya Aido!
Seiya Hikaru! You've come to visit!
Hikaru Yes, after all my friend stands in the spotlight. It's only obvious!
Seiya Thanks! By the way, Homare was looking for you, y'know?
Seiya He said he wants you to listen to a new piece of his.
Hikaru What! Another artistic work was born from him! I will certainly go and listen to him!
Conversation 2
Hikaru We meet again, Seiya Aido!
Seiya Hikaru! You've come to see me! I'm happy!
Hikaru I'm here for certain preparations nearby, so I came to see you for myself in the meantime, you know.
Seiya Preparations?
Hikaru Yes. If you talk to the other members about it, lately we've been having a full-fledged training...
Hikaru Yes, you can have high expectations of us!
Seiya Everyone of ArS in a play! This sounds so exciting! I'm definitely going to see it!
Conversation 3
Hikaru Hmhmhmmhm~mm~♪
Seiya Oh, Hikaru. You seem happy! What happened?
Hikaru It seems that my story is about to be completed soon!
Seiya What do you mean with completed?
Hikaru Of course I mean the script and the theater production for ArS that was produced by none other than this Hikaru Orihara.
Seiya I'm curious about it, so what is your play about?
Hikaru Fufu. You'll find that out when you watch the performance!
Hikaru It's a wonderful tale that will fascinate everyone who sees it!
Seiya I don't really get it, but it sounds like an amazing story.

Seiya and Ban
Conversation 1
Seiya Ban! You've come to visit!
Ban 'sup! There's an amazing amount of people here~
Seiya Yep! I'm getting a lot of treats from everyone, I'm super happy!
Ban Hm? Treats? You mean you're gettin' somethin' to eat here?
Seiya Yep! I've got a lot of different sweets!
Ban Gulp...
Seiya Wait, you can't! These aren't for you, Ban!
Ban I see, sigh... I'm so hungry.
Conversation 2
Seiya I feel like this time's performance was pretty good!
Ban "The chase after huge doggos and curry" was really fun, Seiya!
Seiya Thanks! I tried a topic I've been curious about lately.
Ban Huge doggo... It's a nickname Yuki has given you the other day.
Seiya Why am I always getting compared to a dog?
Ban Huh, isn't it because you're well known for bein' like a dog?
Seiya Well, I have mixed feelings about that...
Conversation 3
Ban Seiya! I've come to visit again! You're gettin' a treat fom me too!
Seiya Hm? What is it?
Ban Ta-dah! It's fried chicken! I've still got a lot left!
Seiya Ooh! Nice! But I can't really eat that much...
Ban That's too bad. Then, I'll treat myself everythin' that remains!

Seiya and Kokoro
Conversation 1
Kokoro Seiya! I've come to drop by!
Seiya Kokoro! You've come to see me!
Kokoro It is quite exciting considering it's you, Seiya.
Seiya Hehe! Thanks, I'm happy to hear that!
Seiya ... Is your training going well?
Kokoro You ask whether it's going well or not, but we train together, don't we?
Seiya ... You're right. Sorry for asking you something weird!
Kokoro ... Sigh, seeing you so down makes me angry!
Seiya Huh?
Kokoro Enough! Now hurry and cheer up! Idiot Seiya.
Conversation 2
Seiya Oh! You've come to visit again, Kokoro!
Kokoro Hey, your voice is way too loud, idiot Seiya! I'm travelling incognito and I'll get exposed, you know?
Seiya Ah, I see. Sorry. But then why did you bother to come here to visit?
Kokoro Wah! I didn't really come to visit you! It's just by chance! By ch-a-n-ce!
Seiya Haha! Thanks, Kokoro!
Conversation 3
Seiya Ko-ko-rooo!!
Kokoro Tch! I already told you that you're being too loud!
Seiya Sorry. I was just so happy you've come to visit...
Kokoro Your play just now happened to be quite good.
Seiya Really? Thanks! It's all thanks to the advice I got from you!
Seiya I'll show you that I can act even better, so please wait for it!

Seiya and Saku
Conversation 1
Saku Oh my, I was looking for Producer-chan, but I found Aido-kun instead.
Seiya Saku! You've come to visit too!
Saku Because it looked like Producer-chan might be here.
Saku And then you were here. That's all.
Seiya I- I see...
Saku Well, do your best.
Conversation 2
Saku Street acting... An improvised performance, huh...
Seiya Yeah, it's difficult, but fun!
Saku I would tell the story of my fateful encounter with Producer-chan.
Saku And then Producer-chan will get drawn to me... And then, and...
Seiya That's amazing, Saku. You can come up with a story right on the spot.
Saku When it comes to me and Producer-chan, I can come up with thousands of wild ideas.
Seiya Haha! Street acting with you sounds like it'll be fun!
Conversation 3
Saku So she isn't here either. My Producer-chan...
Saku Oh, where have you gone...?
Seiya Saku! You've come to see me again! Thank you for coming--
Saku Producer-chan! I've come to see her!
Seiya ... I- I see.
Saku Sigh, don't make such a face. I'll watch your performance today too.
Seiya Really? You've helped me read the script, watched me practice - you're such a nice guy!
Saku I'm only cooperating for my sake. Or rather, for my Producer-chan's sake.
Seiya I- I see. Anyway, I'm super happy that you're watching me practice!
Saku Sigh, you're a special guy... I mean, you're quite stubborn. You remind me of a certain someone.

Seiya and Kuma
Conversation 1
Kuma Seiya-kun, work hard, okay~?
Seiya Principal! You've come to visit! My performance... still has some way to go.
Seiya But seeing everyone smile and laugh makes me super happy!
Kuma Yes, yes. Seeing you grow as an idol makes me really happy too~
Kuma You can entertain the fans not only with your songs, but with your various acting performances too.
Kuma This is what you call a true idol.
Seiya Yeah, I want to make the fans even happier!
Conversation 2
Seiya  ! President, ... what's wrong?
Kuma Hm? Why are you making such a confused face?
Seiya I mean, well! Your belly! Isn't it a lot thinner than usual?
Kuma You have keen eyes~ I was bothered by a couple of children earlier~
Kuma Even though it's a charm point of mine~ *sob sob*
Conversation 3
Kuma Hello, Seiya-kun. I have one suggestion for you~
Seiya What's up, Principal?
Kuma When I saw you, an idea came to my mind. Let's put all of you I-Chu onto a stage next time.
Seiya All of us!?
Kuma Oui! I see you understand~ Doesn't it sound interesting?
Seiya Yes! It sounds super fun!
Seiya Then as their veteran actor, I have to work even harder!

Seiya and Sakuya
Conversation 1
Sakuya Seiya-kun, good job!
Seiya Yeah! You've come to see me too, Sakuya! I'm so happy! Let's have a reunion hug!
Sakuya Uwah! That surprised me! Ahaha, you're as energetic as ever.
Seiya I'm so happy that you've come to see the acting you taught me, Sakuya!
Sakuya Yes. You were really cool! Come to visit Mankai Company again, okay!
Seiya Yeah! And next time I'll bring along all of my friends!
Conversation 2
Sakuya How are you, Seiya-kun?
Seiya I'm perfect! ... Ah, can you keep me company during training again after this?
Sakuya of course! Let's meet at the usual place.
Seiya Got it! Thank you for always keeping me company during training, Sakuya!
Sakuya Yes. You can ask me anytime!
Conversation 3
Seiya Oh! Sakuya! You've come to see me again! Are you going to watch my performance today too?
Sakuya Yes! And then I'll wait at the usual place for you, so let's practise together!
Seiya Thank you so much, Sakuya! Right! Let's go grab something to eat after practise!
Sakuya Okay! I agree.
Seiya There's a great hamburger stall I know!
Seiya My friend Leon loves that stall too and we eat there a lot!
Sakuya I see! That sounds fun~! I really can't wait for it.
Sakuya Well then, do your best, Seiya-kun! And... see you later!

Seiya and Masumi
Conversation 1
Masumi ... The director isn't here either.
Seiya Oh, if that isn't Masumi! You've come to see me too?
Masumi ... I didn't really come to see you. I've been looking for the director.
Seiya I think I saw the director heading towards the Mankai Company?
Masumi ... Thanks.
Seiya Yeah, see ya!
Conversation 2
Masumi ... I thought the director would be here.
Seiya Hey! Masumi. You're looking for the director again?
Masumi Yes. But this has nothing to do with you.
Seiya Don't be so cold! Please watch my performance too, Masumi! I've improved a little, you know?
Masumi ... Just for a little.
Seiya Yay! Thanks! Then, let's go--
Masumi Ah, I saw the director!
Seiya Wait! Please take a look at the results of my training!
Conversation 3
Seiya Ah, Masumi! Looking for the director?
Masumi ... Yes, but not only that. Today I came to see you.
Seiya Really? That makes me happy! Then please watch my performance today too!
Masumi Even if you perform in an area like this... Don't speak so loudly. It's annoying...
Seiya Don't be so cold-hearted! Anyway, I'm really happy that you're here, so let's give you that!
Masumi What's that? A curry bread?
Seiya Yeah! When everyone gave me treats, the director gave it to me.
Masumi You received a treat from the director... impossible.
Masumi Give back everything you got from the director.
Seiya That's the only one that's left! So please don't make such a scary face!
Masumi Seiya Aido... You're a formidable opponent.

Seiya and Yuki
Conversation 1
Yuki I'm here, Seiya.
Seiya Yo, Yuki! I'm happy to see you!
Yuki A real huge doggo... I feel like I can see your tail wagging, reminds me of a certain someone.
Seiya A tail? What do you mean?
Yuki Forget it. Well, do your best.
Conversation 2
Yuki Sigh, so many people...
Seiya Yuki! You've come again!
Yuki Kokoro annoyed me about following him...
Seiya Kokoro's here too?
Yuki We were together on the way here, but then I lost sight of him.
Seiya I see~ I want to meet Kokoro too, so tell him to hurry up and come over!
Yuki I guess I have to. I'm planning to go shopping with him later, so I'll tell him then.
Seiya Hehe, thanks! Bring me a souvenir!
Conversation 3
Yuki Stare...
Seiya Hm? W- Why are you staring at me? I'm getting embarrassed if you keep looking at me like that...
Yuki Huh? Are you stupid? I was just looking at your clothes.
Seiya I see! So it's like that. Making clothes is your speciality, right, Yuki?
Yuki I guess.
Seiya It's cool being able to make clothes! Make me an amazing costume next time, please!
Yuki I'm thinking about it.

Seiya and Taichi
Conversation 1
Taichi Seiya-kun! I'm here!
Seiya Hey! Taichi! You've come to visit!
Taichi You've got lotsa guests here! How nice! I want to be popular too!
Seiya What does that have to do with being popular?
Taichi No matter how you look at it, you're extremely popular! Guh, I'm super jealous, ya know!
Seiya Is that a compliment? I don't really get it, but I'm happy to hear that!
Taichi Please teach me your techniques to become popular!
Seiya Okay! I still don't get it, but I'll teach you!
Conversation 2
Taichi Sigh...
Taichi Today's training was super hard, Sakyo-nii's so harsh...
Seiya Is that Sakyo-nii guy as scary as Kashima-san?
Taichi Yep! But he's a lot more stoic than that, he's like an intellectual adult who you can rely on!
Seiya I see! My friend Akira is also an adult who you can rely on!
Seiya Kanata's younger than me, but he's strong-willed and super good at dancing!
Taichi Your face is really shinin'! Those guys must be super important people to you, Seiya-kun.
Seiya Yeah! Kanata and Akira are irreplaceable and important friends of mine!
Taichi Alright, alright! Lookin' at your face makes my tiredness get blown away!
Taichi I shoulda hurry home and do my best again!
Conversation 3
Taichi Seiya-kun! I've come to hang out again!
Seiya Hey, Taichi! ... *sniff sniff* Where is that nice smell coming from?
Taichi What an amazing sense of smell!? I went to eat somethin' with Ban-kun earlier!
Seiya Sounds nice! For some reason I just got really hungry too...
Taichi Then how about we treat you to dinner at our dorm tonight?
Taichi Omi-kun's homemade dinner is perfect and super delicious!
Seiya I see! I can't wait to eat it!
Taichi Alright, then it's settled! When you're done we meet at the Mankai dorms!

Seiya and Hisoka
Conversation 1
Seiya Hisoka! You've come to visit!
Hisoka ... I landed here before I noticed.
Hisoka ... I'm taking a nap with Mutsuki now.
Seiya Oh, sounds nice! A nap! The weather's nice and pleasantly warm today!
Hisoka Yes. Perfect for a nap. When I lean against Mutsuki's back it feels even better...
Hisoka ...... Zzz.
Seiya Uwoh! He's sleeping while standing!?
Conversation 2
Seiya Uwah! That surprised me! It's Hisoka!
Hisoka ... You don't need to act that surprised.
Seiya Sorry, you appeared so suddenly I didn't notice you.
Seiya Because you were moving without a sound, you seemed like a ninja...
Seiya  ! I can't believe it, don't tell me you're a ninja, Hisoka? Are you a ninja?
Hisoka ... A ninja?
Seiya Yeah! Your movements are just like the ones of a Japanese ninja!
Hisoka ... Being a ninja doesn't sound bad.
Seiya Please tell me about your ninja secrets next time! I wonder if I can use ninjutsu too~
Hisoka I'm sure that'd be impossible.
Seiya Nin nin!
Conversation 3
Hisoka ... Not here either.
Seiya Hm? What's wrong, Hisoka? What are you looking for?
Hisoka It's not a "what"... I'm looking for a cat.
Seiya Oh, I think I saw one in the park earlier!
Hisoka ... Thank you, I will look there. We're in the middle of a game of tag, you saved me.
Seiya Playing tag with a a cat? You're amazing, Hisoka!
Seiya I wonder if I could do that too?
Hisoka ...... Zzz.
Seiya Don't fall asleep!

Seiya and Homare
Conversation 1
Homare The tea... The tea is done.
Seiya Homare! You've come to see me!
Homare Oh my? If that isn't Seiya-kun. Did you come to pursue tea as well?
Seiya Tea? What are you talking about? I'm here to show my street acting!
Homare Oh no! Is this queue not for those who are seeking tea leaves?
Seiya You're totally wrong. This place here is for all the fans who have come to meet me.
Homare I see. And I was sure this queue was for the purchase of tea leaves...
Homare Let's talk again.
Seiya Yeah! Drop by again!
Conversation 2
Homare Hey, Seiya-kun.
Seiya Homare! You've come to visit again!
Homare I'm looking for the genius mind that can understand the deep nuances of my art... Have you seen Hikaru-kun's figure?
Seiya Hikaru? I haven't seen him, no?
Homare I see... A great poem came upon me, so I intended to recite it to him at once...
Homare Right! How about I hold my recital in this place?
Homare There are many spectators gathered as well, I think this is quite the bright idea, don't you?
Seiya Recital? I don't really get it, what do you want to do?
Homare Hmph. As you wish. Hence, Seiya-kun, you are a very lucky young man indeed.
Homare Even without seeking it you can listen carefully to this wonderful banquet of the arts!
Seiya I still don't really get it, but it seems fun!
Homare In that case, I have to make my preparations at once! Seiya-kun, please wait there!
Seiya Okay! Please come again!
Conversation 3
Homare Hm, hm. The joyful cheers of young women. A wonderful poem comes to my mind!
Homare The phoenix spreading across the universe~ A paradox of seething flames~
Seiya Oh, that sounds pretty cool! This poem stuff is really amazing!
Homare Fufun, thank you very much. If you don't mind you can listen to my honored recital!
Seiya Okay! There's still more? Sounds exciting! ♪ Listening to your songs always cheers me up!
Homare These are not songs... but seeing you pleased with them is one of the most valued blessings as a writer.
Seiya The phoenix spreading across the universe~♪ A paradox of seething flames~♪

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