Producer: I’ve got 2 more hours until my next appointment… Odd that I’ve got all of this free time.
Producer: Maybe I’ll kill some of it in a cafe somewhere…
Virgin snow 1 (1)
Akira: Hey there, Producer. You seem to be talking to yourself quite a bit today, as usual.
Producer: Mitsurugi-kun! What are you doing here?
Virgin snow 1 (2)
Akira: Just what it looks like. I’m in the midst of reading a book.
Producer: I get that, but… Why do that out in the cold?
Producer: I was just thinking of going to a cafe, so would you like to come along and get something to drink with me?
Akira: …It’s a kind offer, but I think I’ll pass.
Producer: Are you meeting up with someone?
Akira: No? I don’t have any plans in particular.
Producer: Then—
Akira: I just want to really feel the sensation of winter.
Virgin snow 1 (3)
Akira: It would be a shame not to, right? You’ve got to get all you can of this season’s cold weather. Don’t you agree?
Akira: The winter air is so crisp and clear. …I rather like it.
Producer: Well, I’m don’t handle the cold well at all, so I’ve never thought that way about it…
Akira: Of course it’s cold. That’s why you warm each other up. …Like this.
Producer: …Your hands are warm.
Virgin snow 1 (4)
Akira: And your hands are way too cold. It probably is best that you get inside soon. If you go down that street for little bit, there’s a place that has really good coffee.
Akira: Or no, maybe hot chocolate would be better for a sweet tooth like yours. The manager was boasting that it’s one of the best things on the menu, so I think you should get that.
Producer: Okay. Thanks, Mitsurugi-kun. Well then, I’ll be off for a bit!
Virgin snow 1 (5)
Akira: Sure, take your time.
Producer: Sorry for the wait.
Virgin snow 1 (6)
Akira: …I’m surprised. Why did you come back? I thought you didn’t deal well with being cold?
Producer: I don’t, but… I thought I’d watch and learn from you how to really experience winter.
Producer: …Though I am cold, so it is okay if I sit really close to you?
Virgin snow 1 (7)
Akira: Ahaha! That’s almost exactly something Kanata would say.
Producer: …You don’t have to laugh that much.
Akira: I’m only laughing because I’m happy. I’d didn’t think you trusted me that much.
Producer: …I’ve always trusted you, though?
Virgin snow 1 (8)
Akira: …You really aren’t cautious enough, are you? ….Well, can’t be helped. Here, you can get as close as you like. I’ll be doing just that, after all.


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