Producer: (Mitsurugi-kun’s really warm… With it being this cold out, it’s more obvious how warm the people you’re with are.)
Virgin snow 2 (1)
Akira: Are you still cold? Should I maybe lend you my scarf?
Producer: No, I’m fine! I’m plenty warm since you’re next to me. …But anyway, what have you been reading?
Virgin snow 2 (2)
Akira: Oh, this? No matter how many times I read this book, I always start wanting to read it again this time of year.
Producer: It’s in English, isn’t it? What’s it about?
Akira: It’s about a boy who lost his hearing. Although thanks to losing his ability to hear, he finds that there are other voices that he can listen to.
Producer: What do you mean by that?
Akira: The protagonist has a girl that he’s been friends with since they were kids. She isn’t direct or honest, and only ever speaks coldly to him.
Akira: The boy believes that there’s a possibility she hates him, given that she says as much.
Akira: But when he becomes deaf, her words can’t reach him, yet she continues to visit him every day. When he looks at her face one day, he realizes something.
Akira: What she’s saying hasn’t changed at all, but she’s worried about him, and values him very much.
Akira: She may lie and put on a front, but rather than be driven away by her words, he can understand her through the honest way she looks at him.
Producer: …I feel like I can somewhat understand not saying what you mean.
Virgin snow 2 (3)
Akira: You’ve dealt with something like that, too?
Producer: It is hard to live a life where you say only what you think, after all. Although it seems that as I grew up, I had to become more straightforward.
Akira: In that case, I’ll be sure to put more importance on the way you look at me than what you say when we talk from now on.
Akira: Even if your eyes aren’t exactly like that girl’s, they’re still able to say so much. Almost as if I’m starting to want to look at them forever.
Producer: Don’t stare at me like that! I’m getting embarrassed!
Virgin snow 2 (4)
Akira: Eh. What do you mean that I can’t look at you with embarrassing you?
Producer: I’m saying that I can’t get used to you looking at me so closely…
Virgin snow 2 (5)
Akira: You don’t have to try to look or act a certain way. I want to know how you feel just as you are right now…
Producer: I-I said not to!
Virgin snow 2 (6)
Akira: Ah, come now–. Don’t cover your eyes with your hands. Let’s move that hand!
Producer: Wah–!? Wait, let go…!
Akira: I’ll let go if you promise you won’t cover your eyes again.
Producer: Fine, okay, I won’t, so…!
Akira: Then look at me. Show what you’re feeling deep in your heart.
Producer: …Your hand is cold.
Virgin snow 2 (7)
Akira: But yours is warm, Producer. Maybe there’s just warmth to spare because you’re embarrassed? Fufu, you really are so very cute.
Producer: I’m not… embarrassed, exactly…
Akira: In that case, can we hold hands like this for a bit longer?
Akira: When I hold your hand, I feel like I’m being warmed up from the depths of your heart… It makes me feel incredibly at peace.


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