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Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (1)
*flips page*
Akira: (I didn't expect that this book I bought because of its title would actually be a romance novel.)
Akira: (It's translated to Japanese as 'Listening Through The Eyes')… a deaf young man fell in love with his childhood friend who faithfully stayed by his side.
Akira: (Looks like it's based on a real story, but is that really the case?)
Akira: (Even though he can't hear whispers of love, how could he fall for the girl?)
Akira: (Maybe he likes her just because she stayed with him… speaking of a woman who stays by my side, that would be-)
Raku: Mr. Cool Guy over there… your hand has stopped flipping the page, you know?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (2)
Akira: Whoa-! … Waka. Don't just appear behind my back.
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (3)
Raku: Ha ha ha. My bad. Your grievous look as you sit here makes you so good-looking that it's almost upsetting...
Akira: That's a pretty mean reason...
Raku: Don't look so angry... Well, I was curious. Toward the book that could make Akira so engrossed in thoughts, that is...
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (4)
Akira: I wasn't really thinking about anything...
Raku: There, there, don't try to deceive me by giving me such a shady-looking smile. ... Heave-ho.
Akira: Wait, I didn't say that you can just sit beside me, though?
Raku: Don't get all tense like that. Isn't it cruel of you to tell me that I should keep talking while standing?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (5)
Akira: (Then, you'd better take your leave...)
Raku: You were thinking something cruel again, right?
Akira: If you understand, wouldn't it be better if you do as I wished?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (6)
Raku: Hh... Akira is such a cruel man.
Raku: Well, well, now this kind and reliable Wakaouji Raku shall hear out the distress that the shady smiling Akira has.
Akira: Waka... you're having fun with it, aren't you?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 1 (7)
Raku: Ooh! So you understand? You, who is always looking so stoic actually feeling distressed is so interes-... no, it's so strange.
Akira: So you are having fun...
Raku: *chuckles* ... Here, have a warm tea and relax for a bit.
Akira: A warm tea, you... since the start, you wanted to hear about my story that badly, huh.
Raku: Well, now, I wonder what you're talking about~
Akira: Hh... I always get out of tune when talking with Waka.
Raku: Usually you hold the role of guardian for a 17 year old and a 15 year old, after all. The only one who could talk to you so casually like this is just Producer, right?
Akira: ...
Raku: Speak of which, until just now, I was with the Producer-
Akira: ...
Raku: She was being persistent with work-related talks, so I escaped from her when I saw an opening. I'm sure that right now she's so flustered while looking for me!
Akira: Don't tease her too often...
Raku: Hoo... I didn't think I would be warned by Akira.
Akira: ...
Raku: Oops! You made a pause there! Making you putting on such a gentle look like that, as I'd thought, the reason must be the Producer, eh...
Akira: Isn't it weird that you decided on things like that, even though I didn't say a single thing?
Raku: Don't get all irritated like that... Haha~n! I see, I see, so that's it...
Raku: Well then, Akira. You're distressed because of 'love', huh.
Akira: ... You have such a bad personality, eh?
Raku: I can say the same about you.

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