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Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (1)
Akira: Yesterday turned out to be quite a mess...
Akira: (Since then, he asked me questions, whether I'm in love or not... what a bother.)
Akira: (It's true that I ended up thinking about love because I was affected by the book, but rather than that...)
Producer: Hold on, Wakaouji-kun!
Akira: Hm? Was it the Producer's voice? I heard it coming from over there...
*slides door open*
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (2)
Akira: Producer, I can hear your voice from outside, you know?
Producer: Ah, Mitsurugi-kun! Sorry for being so loud...
Raku: You really were. Have you never been taught when you were a child that you shouldn't make trouble for others?
Producer: Who-whose fault would do you think it is~!?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (3)
Raku: Ha ha ha. No one else but me!
Producer: That's not something to be proud about! Geez, I'll buy you the ink right away, so please write the ones for the job, okay?
Raku: I got it already, so why don't you quickly go and buy it?
Producer: ... I can only rely on you, Mitsurugi-kun. I beg you, please keep an eye on Wakaouji-kun to make sure that he writes the calligraphy!
Akira: I get the gist of it. In any case, I can watch over him for you until you're done shopping.
Producer: Thank you! Well then, I'll go buy it now!
Raku: Akira. Abandon your mission of watching over me right this instant.
Akira: I can't possibly turn down a request from Producer, who always took care of me, you know?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (4)
Shiki: Arara~ Mitsurugi-kun, what a gentleman~
Hikaru: Hm! His loyalty for the Producer is absolutely beautiful!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (5)
Hikaru: Well, mine is far more beautiful, though!
Akira: Huh? You two were here?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (6)
Shiki: You're kidding~! Even though you gave us a glance earlier!
Akira: So, Waka. How about you write the ones for the job right away? You still have some ink left, don't you?
Shiki: Ignored!? So mean~ right, Hikaru-kun?
Hikaru: Humh... I can't seem to write it right... Raku, Raku, Raku~! Teach me how to write it beautifully~!
Shiki: Even you, Hikaru-kun!?
Raku: Shiki, you're noisy, so shut up for awhile.
Shiki: Fine, fine... I'll just practice again...
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (7)
Akira: ...
Raku: Are you curious as to why they're here?
Raku: Shiki wanted to use calligraphies in his works, so he came to learn from me. As for Hikaru, I've been teaching him since long ago, a regular.
Akira: I see... Wakaouji-sensei is pretty popular, huh?
Raku: I'm a busy person after all... That's right, you can also become my disciple if you like, Akira.
Akira: Haha, I'm fine-
Hikaru: What!? Mitsurugi Akira will learn too!? I finally would be able to repay the favor when you taught me yoga before!
Shiki: That means I'll be Mitsurugi-kun's senior, eh?
Akira: ...
Raku: Ha ha ha! Now, you're sporting quite a reluctant face there!
Akira: (Crap. I let it show on my face without thinking!)
Raku: Ah well. In any case, I'll teach you too, Akira, so try to write something.
Raku: Ink and brush... and also, the paperweight. Here, try to write a character that you like first.
Akira: Eh? Even if you told me to write it...
Raku: Is it that difficult to do? Then I'll give you some pointers.
Raku: "shinobure do iro ni idenikeri waga kohi wa
mono ya omofu to hito no tofu made"
Akira: I know, that tanka is from One Hundred Tanka...
Raku: Oh, so you knew? This is a tanka by Taira no Kanemori.
Raku: When translated to modern language, it'll be... "I promised myself that no one would know of my love for you."
Raku: "But in the end I couldn’t hide it in my face, and people even inquire of me whether I have love troubles."
Akira: !?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (8)
Shiki: E-eh!? No way! Mitsurugi-kun, you're in love!?
Hikaru: What!? So that's why Mitsurugi Akira looks far more beautiful lately!!
Akira: N-no! This is a misunderstanding! By the way, which part of me are you looking at?
Hikaru: Of course it's your sinfully beautiful looks! It's much more inferior than mine, though!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 2 (9)
Raku: You can just ignore Hikaru's childish wordings. Though, what the kid said surprisingly hit the mark.
Akira: You too, what are you saying, Waka... I hope you won't say something like "my beauty~", though?
Raku: Ha ha ha! Even without you telling me, I won't say something that could make my teeth seeth like that. What I want to say is...
Raku: Compared to the time we first met, now you're able to suddenly make a lively expressions.
Raku: Akira. You've changed.
Akira: I've changed?

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