Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (1)
Akira: Isn't it only in your imagination, that I've changed?
Raku: Hm... the only one who's thickheaded here is the person himself, huh.
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (2)
Shiki: I also think that Mitsurugi-kun has gotten easier to talk to more than before, though.
Hikaru: Right! I've always observed everyone's beautifulness, but lately, I come to think that Mitsurugi Akira has gotten more beautiful than ever!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (3)
Akira: Is that so...
Raku: *chuckles* ...don't look so embarrassed...
Akira: I can't help feeling embarrassed after you guys told me things like that, you know...
*slides door open*
Producer: Sorry for the wait! I bought the ink!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (4)
All: ...
Producer: H-huh? Is it a bad timing for me to enter?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (5)
Akira: Nah, not at all! Good timing, Producer! Waka here didn't do his work at all.
Raku: Aah! Saying unnecessary things...
Producer: ... Wakaouji-kun?
Raku: ... Well, let's get the inspirations to work now.
Akira: (I've changed... I wonder if everyone thinks the same?)
Akira: Waka, over here!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (6)
Raku: Hh... how unfair, only Akira got to leave early. Producer kept her eyes on me since you left, you know?
Akira: You reap what you sow, right? Here, I've ordered a drink for you, so drink it.
Raku: My, thank you. Well then...
Akira & Raku: Cheers!
Raku: Hh... we drank a lot... Ooi, Akira, are you still alive?
Akira: Nnh... I'm fine.
Raku: You surprisingly drank a lot tonight. Are you that surprised about what I said to you earlier?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (7)
Akira: ... Did I really change that much?
Raku: Yeah. Hikaru and Shiki said it too, and I do think that you've changed.
Akira: In that case, it's all thanks to Seiya and Kanata.
Raku: I guess. Those youngsters are the ones who changed you.
Raku: Akira, can you tell me what do you think about Seiya and Kanata?
Akira: It's too wasteful to tell Waka about it... but, I guess I'll tell you and blame the alcohol for it.
Akira: Kanata, you see, his experience in this industry is far longer than mine, and he knows the strictness of showbiz more than anyone else.
Akira: I'm thinking that it's the reason that he walks around while carrying Rabirabi now.
Akira: At first, he was always cowering behind us and looked like he had no confidence in himself, but he always tried his best because he wanted to catch up to me and Seiya.
Akira: When I look at such a hardworking kid like him, there's no way that I can't leave him alone, see?
Akira: Even though, when I was still a model, I could care less about others.
Akira: I didn't think that I would meet friends that I just can't ignore.
Akira: Then, Seiya is an optimist... at first, I truly thought that he's annoying.
Akira: But, as he moved forward, he also dragged me to see a sight that I've never seen before.
Akira: He's a stupid optimist that always looks ahead of him, but he would always turn around and call my name.
Akira: "Akira~", like that. It was the first time I learned that I could feel happy when someone called my name.
Akira: Just like how I can't ignore Seiya as he pushed forward, I also can't let go of that hand.
Akira: I definitely can't let go of Kanata's hand, who invites me to go after that figure.
Akira: It's like I'm acting as a bridge, so that everyone won't part from each other.
Akira: To be frank... it's the first time I've taken up this kind of position and it lost me at first, but I don't dislike it.
Akira: That's why, if I've changed, that is thanks to Seiya and Kanata...
Akira: ...
Raku: Hm? Akira?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (8)
Akira: Zz... zz...
Raku: Akira... When you get drunk, you sure get talkative, huh...
Raku: But, I understand that feeling very well. Our leader also quite often ran ahead of us.
Raku: He always waits for us, who are too easygoing.
Raku: Well, he's also the type who would suddenly appear behind our back when we decided to move forward and give us a push.
Raku: It's the best feeling, for both of us to find a place that feels comfortable to us.
Akira: Zz...
Raku: ... Even so, despite that I've taken the time to come and drink here, he ended up sleeping without hearing what I have to say, how irritating...
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 3 (9)
Raku: Well now, let's pull a little prank on him... *chuckles*

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