Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (1)
Akira: Zz... zz...
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (2)
Akira: ... cold...
Akira: (My back feels cold... but, my stomach feels warm. Why?)
Producer: Huh? Mitsurugi-kun, did I wake you up?
Akira: ... Producer?
Producer: You can sleep a little longer. We almost reach your home, after all.
Akira: ...!? Eh!? Wait a sec!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (3)
Akira: Why do you carry me on your back!?
Producer: Who-whoa! Don't struggle! I might drop you if you're moving too much like that!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (4)
Akira: Then, put me down right away!
Producer: I-I got it!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (5)
Akira: ...
Producer: D-don't be mad, Mitsurugi-kun...
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (6)
Akira: Of course I would be mad... or rather, I feel so embarrassed right now.
Akira: How could you carry me on your back...
Producer: Yeah. I often have to give Mutsuki-kun a piggyback and take him to a safe place when he's taking a nap outside.
Producer: I think that I've gained strength lately. Ah, that's right! Wakaouji-kun also said that I'm great for being capable of it!
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (7)
Akira: That's not something to be proud of- wait, so it's Waka who planned all this!?
Akira: ... That guy is such a-!
Producer: Aah! D-don't get mad at him! It was because Wakaouji-kun was thinking about your condition, Mitsurugi-kun.
Producer: At any rate, I've never imagined that Mitsurugi-kun would get drunk. Are you actually weak against alcohol?
Akira: You're wrong. I just drank too much because I was concerned about something.
Producer: Concerned about something?
Akira: ... Hey, from your point of view, do you think that I've changed?
Producer: ... Yes.
Akira: Is that so. I just can't grasp what everyone said had changed about me.
Akira: Is it alright for me to change like this?
Producer: ... It's okay to change.
Producer: None wouldn't be surprised when something suddenly changed within them. As they pushed forward, there are also times when they would turn around and question whether it's the correct thing to do or not.
Producer: But, as they pressed ahead, they would be able to understand it little by little. Having sudden changes would surely frighten you, but it's nothing scary.
Akira: ... Have you ever experienced the same thing, Producer?
Producer: Of course I have. I was afraid, but I pressed forward without letting it get the better of me. That's why the current me stands here.
Producer: What troubles you, Mitsurugi-kun, is that you're afraid about how you began to change.
Producer: Anyone would be afraid when they try to move forward, since we're walking to a place we couldn't see.
Producer: But, as an exchange, it would contribute to your growth.
Akira: !?
Akira: (How can she look at me with such a frank gaze? Does it mean that she's really taking what I said seriously?)
Akira: (Staring at them makes me feel like I'll fall into a hallucination where I'm sucked into them.)
Akira: (I'm afraid to stare at her longer than this, but why do I feel that I just can't tore my eyes away?)
Producer: Besides, don't you have friends to help you when you're having troubles?
Akira: (Friends...)
Akira: (That's right... Seiya, Kanata, and Waka, and even Producer would be by my side...)
Producer: Seems like you understand now!
Producer: I'm sure that you immediately think about Aido-kun and Minato-kun, but...
Producer: Sometimes, it's fine to let them see an uncool side of you, you know?
Producer: Even though you don't want to show Aidou-kun and Minato-kun that side of you, but when you're with me... see?
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (9)
Producer: That hurts! Even though I was just being honest~!
Akira: To begin with, there are a lot of thing that I'd like to say to you.
Producer: Huh?
Akira: Just because you got called, leaving home at such late hour isn't something that a woman should do.
Akira: Also, after this, don't try to carry an adult man again. Don't you have a sense of danger in the slightest?
Producer: I-I'm sorry...
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (10)
Akira: Geez... I'm still a bit drunk so I might not look so reliable right now, but I'll take you to your home.
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (11)
Akira: Aah, that's right! In return, I guess I should take you home while carrying you on my back! Yep, let's do that!
Producer: I-I'm really sorry! I won't do it again, so forgive me~
Akira: Fuh... haha! I'll forgive you as long as you're reflecting on it.
Virgin Snow Event Story Part 4 (12)
Akira: ... Producer. Thanks.
Producer: It's okay!
Akira: ...
Akira: (I don't dislike Producer's smiling face...)
Akira: (What the deaf boy felt when he fell in love... I think I finally understand.)

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