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Tsubaki: Oh, so you were here.
Producer: Rindo-kun? But I didn't tell you to come back after the photographing....?
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Tsubaki: I had that intention too, but I got all this stuff.
Producer: Don't tell me...... These are all chocolate?
Tsubaki: It's Valentine's after all. I haven't checked but I think they're most probably all chocolate.
Producer: As expected from a famous person!
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Tsubaki: I didn't think there would be that much when I entered the studio, so that's why I stopped here.
Producer: Again, why here?
Tsubaki: I got all this chocolate, but I can't eat that much sweet stuff. It would be better to give it to someone that can eat it.
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Tsubaki: The IKids would be happy if I went and gave this chocolate to them.
Producer: The kids would be happy but, don't you feel sorry for the people that gave you this chocolate?
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Tsubaki: Well true but... I would feel more sorry if I had to throw some of it away because I can't eat it. I will properly pay my thanks to them later.
Producer: Leaving food would certainly be bad. Then it can't be helped. Anyways, you seem to be good friends with the IKids since you thought about giving the chocolate to them.
Tsubaki: Lately I've had the chance to spend more time with them because of work.
Producer: You didn't get that involved with them before?
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Tsubaki: Yeah. Well, sometimes I would help them with Japanese dance training.
Producer: ....So you know japanese dance too?
Tsubaki: What, you didn't know it? Aren't your observing abilities a bit bad?
Producer: Uuh... S-sorry...
Tsubaki: Fu, that was a joke. I know you're paying a lot of attention to us so no need to worry.
Producer: Rindo-kun.... Thank you
Waiting 1 (7)
Tsubaki: I didn't say it for your thanks. By the way, you won't give it to me?
Producer: What?
Tsubaki: Don't dodge the question, [name]
Producer: Eh......?
Tsubaki: Hurry up and give what you're holding in your hand to me. That's chocolate for me right?

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