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Waiting 2 (1)
Tsubaki: Again, that chocolate is for me right?
Producer: No, well, if you want it I could give it to you but...
Waiting 2 (2)
Tsubaki: What is it? Say it clearly.
Producer: This is chocolate I got from the stylist when I met them earlier.
Producer: This is not chocolate I made for you, you know?
Tsubaki: ....Huh?
Producer: Ehm, as I said... I'm sorry for that, but I do know that today is Valentine's.
Producer: You know, there's the Valentine Event this evening! With all the commotion about it I couldn't prepare chocolate...
Producer: But you know, I thought that there would be a lot of people giving you chocolate, so I thought that it was fine....
Waiting 2 (3)
Tsubaki: What do you mean that you don't have chocolate for me?
Producer: (Uwah.... He got really angry...)
Producer: ....I'm really sorry. I didn't know you were looking forward to it so much.
Tsubaki: It's not like I was looking forward to it or anything.
Producer: Ehm... I'll go buy some now...
Tsubaki: Didn't I tell you that I don't need it?
Waiting 2 (4)
Tsubaki: Haa.... I'm going back.
Producer: Eh?
Tsubaki: Go give that chocolate to the iKids.
Producer: Wait a moment, Rindo-kun....!
Tsubaki: It's fine, so for now be sure to finish that job quickly.
Producer: Eh?
Waiting 2 (5)
Tsubaki: I already said that what I want is chocolate made by you. After the event ends I'll immediately return home.
Producer: Uhm....?
Producer: (So.... What does he mean with that?)
Tsubaki: After the event ends, we'll go straight home.
Tsubaki: I'm telling you to hurry and finish your piled up work, so that you will be able to go home with me.
Producer: Ah.... I see....?
Waiting 2 (6)
Tsubaki: I won't accept excuses like "I couldn't finish everything".
Producer: Okay, understood.... I'll give it my best.
Tsubaki: Good grief.... It can't be helped with you.
Producer: Eh? How did it end up with us going home together?

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