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Wakashi Edajima
江田島若, Edajima Wakashi
Wakashi Edajima
The cowardly iKids!
"Wakashi Edajima... The other day, Kyosuke-san showed me the manga he made and I think it was great. It was really, really great...!"
Age 8
Birthday October 28th
Blood Type O
Height 127 cm
Weight 24 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Memorization
Fave Food Rice cracker
LeastFave Food Tapioca
Looks up to Kyosuke Momoi
Group sweet step


Even if he is a little cowardly, he is a smart iKid. He and his close friend Moegi are always together.


Wakashi Edajima N (Momoiro Hero Momoi-kun) Wakashi Edajima N

Character LinesEdit

Wa-Wakashi Edajima. I'm sorry that I'm afraid of strangers...
I cry easily so I'm not really suitable to become an idol...
I'm good at Maths. I've also started memorizing multiplication table... ehehe.
Kyosuke-san is a mangaka, right? I also want to get better at drawing.
Moegi-san is so cheerful and energetic, a friend I'm proud of!
Story Please choose a story that you like.
Main Story Please choose a chapter that you like.
Please choose your favorite story.
Love Story L-love story!? No, it's nothing. Please choose your favorite...
W-which story do you want to read?
Shop It's a shopping place. Leave the calculations to me!
Disk Purchase Did you find something good?
Friends Do you want to see your friend's info?
Other It can do various things.

Affection StoryEdit

Mister Coward

Wakashi Edajima - Mister Coward (1)
Wakashi: H-hello, Onee-san. Uhm, Moegi-san... Did you see my friend?
Wakashi: He is a yellow haired, energetic, bright, fun and reliable friend of mine...
Wakashi: I was with him until a moment ago, but when I noticed, he was gone...
Wakashi: I was observing the rabbit stall with great interest... Maybe he became bored and went somewhere else.
Wakashi: ... Moegi-san is a very important friend to me. And even though he is smaller than me, he is way more courageous...
Wakashi: You're going to search together with me? ... Thank you very much!
Wakashi: ... You're very friendly, Onee-san.
Wakashi: I'm Wakashi Edajima. It's nice to meet you.

Playing heroes

Wakashi Edajima - Playing heroes (1)
Wakashi: Today's Live is actually a hero show. Honestly, I've been looking forward to it a lot.
Wakashi: Did you know? Enju-kun and Minoru-kun of the iKids sometimes pretend to be heroes with Kyosuke-san.
Wakashi: I'm jealous of it. ... I would be happily saying "please let me join", but it's difficult for me.
Wakashi: That's why I'm really happy to stand on the same stage with Kyosuke-san today.
Wakashi: Today I'll be able to say "I want to play hero together this time"...
Wakashi Edajima - Playing heroes (2)
Wakashi: Ah, Onee-san! Good work on the Live. How was my dancing? Did I do well?
Wakashi: Even though I made a mistake, I was really happy when Kyosuke-san said it's alright and that I shouldn't worry about it.
Wakashi: Kyosuke-san is really kind and cool...
Wakashi: I wonder if I will become an idol like that too someday...
Wakashi: But in order to do that I have to train a lot.

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own Y-you remembered it? I’m happy...!
Moegi I'm in the middle of the preparations for Moegi-san's party. Keep it a secret, okay?
Kyosuke I drew something for Kyosuke-san's birthday. I wonder if it'll make him happy?
Producer I wish you a happy birthday... I hope you are happy.


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