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Wasteland&#039;s Frontier 1 (1)
Noah: La-la-la-♪ Mmh... La-... la~

... The tone is not stable. I should lower the pitch again... but...

Producer: Noah-kun!!
Wasteland&#039;s Frontier 1 (2)
Noah: Hm? Is something wrong, Producer? You'll surprise me if you suddenly barge in like this, you know?
Producer: Listen to me, Noah-kun! I have amazing news for you!
Noah: Amazing news?
Producer: Yes! You were having a photo shooting for a magazine the other day, right, Noah-kun?
Noah: Yes, I did.
Producer: Since the magazine is very popular amongst other publishers, they told me they want you to produce a photo book, Noah-kun.
Noah: A photo book?
Producer: Yes! You're free to choose the topic too, Noah-kun. After all they want the true Noah-kun in one book.
Producer: "Noah-kun is very charming!" said the chief editor of the company very passionately, it made me happy too!
Producer: They really acknowledged your competence and charm, Noah-kun!
Wasteland&#039;s Frontier 1 (3)
Noah: ! ... I see. Fufu, if you tell me this directly, I get a little embarrassed.
Producer: I'm glad that you are pleased too, Noah-kun!
Producer: This publisher is someone we can trust too, so there should be no problems. I think this offer sounds very attractive.
Producer: Since you're having the right to choose, I want you to decide if you accept or not, Noah-kun.
Wasteland&#039;s Frontier 1 (4)
Noah: ... You're saying this, but even if I refuse you will try to make me reconsider it, right?
Producer: Ah, you got me...
Noah: Fufu, I can see right through you, Producer... Of course I'd like to accept this offer.
Producer: Noah-kun! Thank you! Then I'll contact them to give them the OK at once! I'm really looking forward to the photo shooting!
Noah: Fufu, I will do the best I can do to live up to their expectations. Not to my family's, but to the chief editor who acknowledged me as my own person.
Wasteland&#039;s Frontier 1 (5)
Noah: And I'd be pleased to do even more, since you showed me such a lovely smile.

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