Wasteland's Frontier 2 (1)
Cameraman: Well then, let's start with the photo shooting. Noah-kun, please relax, try to have a fun shooting.
Noah: Yes, I'm looking forward to it.
Cameraman: Haha, it looks like you're not nervous at all. Today we'll be able to take good pictures!
Producer: Noah is having a smile on his face like usual. I think he must have really looked forward to this photo shooting.
Producer: At any rate... this look really suits him...
Producer: I think you could say he looks like a jockey? This costume, the next time all of I♥B should...
Producer: But it suits Noah-kun the best, doesn't it... Yes, he's really cool!
Cameraman: OK! After a short break we'll change to the next photo shooting!
Wasteland's Frontier 2 (2)
Noah: Thank you very much.
Producer: Noah-kun, good job. That was really great. I have to say, this costume does suit you really well...!
Wasteland's Frontier 2 (3)
Noah: Aah, you're really pleased with this costume. I knew that from the moment I finished changing into it.
Producer: Eh!? You knew it this early?
Noah: You weren't aware? Didn't you send me an even more passionate gaze than usual?
Producer: A passionate gaze, also this...
Producer: (Uuh... it might be exactly as he says... but he was really cool...)
Producer: A-anyway... I heard from the staff that you changed into these clothes very quickly, are you used to wearing such costumes?
Wasteland's Frontier 2 (4)
Noah: Yes. I love horses. Back in America I did horseback riding almost every day.
Producer: Amazing...! I can imagine it! I know, if that's the case, would it be possible to have a photo shooting together with a horse?
Noah: Then I certainly want to do a photo shooting together with my favorite horse.
Producer: Fufu! That sounds great!
Producer: ......
Wasteland's Frontier 2 (5)
Noah: Producer? Is something wrong?
Producer: ... No, I want you to enjoy this photo shooting in its natural form, Noah-kun...
Producer: If only I had looked into the publishers intentions more throughly before the previous magazine photo shooting.
Producer: Then it would have been a less sorrowful experience for you, Noah-kun...
Producer: I'm truly sorry for this previous painful experience.
Noah: Producer...
Noah: ... Raise your head, Producer. I don't want you to apologize to me.
Noah: Even though you say this, I would not have reached this place with my own power alone.
Noah: [Play] I've reached this place because of your support...
Noah: Besides, because of the last magazine shoot I received this offer to make a photo book, right?
Noah: You deserve my gratitude, Producer. Thank you.
Producer: Noah-kun...
Noah: When I got this job offer, I told to myself "For the sake of this lovely smile I'll give my very best".
Noah: Not just this time. It's been like that since up until now.
Wasteland's Frontier 2 (6)
Noah: [Play] Your smile has always been supporting me...
Noah: So laugh in front of me. Because that smile suits you very well.
Producer: ... Thank you. I'll make sure to become your strength, Noah-kun.
Noah: You should have noticed this while looking at me, don't you? Fufu, your observational skill might still be lacking, Producer.