Producer: The photo shooting in this costume is finished, but what do you do next?
Wasteland's Frontier 3 (1)
Noah: For the next shoot, I plan on using my guitar.
Producer: Your guitar...! Yes, speaking of your guitar, Noah-kun! What kind of costume are you going to wear?
Noah: I was looking forward to change into these clothes... Fufu, well then, I'm off to change into the costume.
Producer: Yes! Take care!
Wasteland's Frontier 3 (2)
Noah: How is it?
Producer: You look like you jumped straight out of a western! It's really cool!
Noah: Fufu, honestly I was anxious putting on this costume because I'm not used to wearing such clothes.
Noah: But it seems you're alright with it, Producer.
Producer: Yes! I guarantee you that it suits you very well!
Wasteland's Frontier 3 (3)
Noah: Haha! Well, that's a relief. Thank you!
Staff: Well, let's begin!
Noah: I'm looking forward to it!
*shutter* *snap*
Wasteland's Frontier 3 (4)
Noah: ~~♪
Producer: Eh, a song?
*shutter* *snap*
Producer: Amazing, in an instant everyone was drawn into Noah-kun's world. Noah is really amazing after all.
Wasteland's Frontier 3 (5)
Noah: Fufu, have you calmed down?
Producer: Of course I haven't calmed down! I never thought you would start to sing during the photo shooting, you were really fantastic there, Noah-kun...
Producer: When the photo shooting was over, the staff and I were mesmerized.
Producer: That song was a famous country love song, right?
Noah: So you knew it.
Producer: It's famous. Of course I knew it. But why that song? It was good since it matched the atmosphere, but...
Noah: I was also wondering about what to sing just before, but when I saw your face, this song came to mind.
Producer: Eh?
Wasteland's Frontier 3 (6)
Noah: I said, I sang that love song for you.
Producer: Eh, uhm...? What does that...
Noah: [Play] Be more self-aware... It means that I love you. Fufu!
Producer: Eh, ah...
Noah: You are a little slow, but have you finally understood? You don't need to answer. Seeing that red face of yours makes it very clear.