Producer: What should we do about the costumes for the next promo video? Maybe, if we have to match his outfit with Hanabusa-san, and we’re trying to bring out his personality…
Producer: …It would be a good idea to focus a bit more on yellows…?
We'll be together forever 1 (1)
Momo: Producer-san?
Producer: Oikawa-san. What’s up? Do you need something?
Momo: Nah. You were just scowling at your computer with a reallllly scary look on your face, so I was wondering what you were up to.
Producer: …Have I really been making a face like that?
Momo: Yeah. Your eyebrows were all scrunched together, and you looked like you were groaning, like, “Ughhhh~”.
Producer: Ahaha. I suppose I was deliberating something difficult enough to make me look like that.
We'll be together forever 1 (2)
Momo: You’ve got a problem that’s that hard to figure out?
Producer: That’s right. It’s a huge problem- your popularity may very well be dependent on the decisions I make.
Momo: Well then, how about Momo comes up with some ideas with you? And by that, I mean…
We'll be together forever 1 (3)
Momo: Can I get up nice and close to you?
Producer: …No, you can’t.
Momo: Ehh–!? Why not–!?
Producer: Well, I mean, this is my job, after all.
Momo: Momo would be okay with you relying on him a bit, though. Right, Ricky? Don’t you think so, too?
Producer: …Ricky?
Momo: Yeah. Ricky. You’ve seen him before… Or, no, I mean, met him before. This stuffed squirrel.
Producer: Now that you mention it, you do always have that with you. I didn’t know that he had a name.
Producer: That’s kind of a feminine thing to do, isn’t it?
We'll be together forever 1 (4)
Momo: Yeah. Kokoro-chan told me to always have him with me so that I’d look more like a girl.
Producer: …Oh yeah? You don’t carry it around because you like it?
Momo: Well, Momo’s a boy, you know? I may like flowers, but I don’t have any interest in something as feminine as getting dolls.
Producer: And yet you still have it with you?
Momo: He said that it’s “how my character stands out,” I think? Anyway, I’ve gotta be absolutely certain that I’m never without it.
Momo: He said that since Momo isn’t quick to notice when he’s being unladylike, it acts as a good camouflage.
We'll be together forever 1 (5)
Momo: But it’s really hard, you know? Always having a stuffed animal with me, I mean. It takes up one hand that I can’t do anything else with.
Momo: Ah, but thanks to him, I’ve made a friend. Kanata-kun’s always got his stuffed animal, too.
Producer: That’s because Kanata-kun considers RabiRabi to be his friend. It would probably be nice if you could be friends with Ricky, too.
Momo: Friends…


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