We'll be together forever 2 (1)
Momo: Can you really be friends with dolls? Are Kanata-kun and RabiRabi friends?
Producer: He said that they’ve been together ever since he was very young, so they’re friends. And that’s why they’re never apart, not even for a second.
Momo: …That’s a lot different than Momo, who’s only supposed to have it for his character image.
Producer: I don’t think that Kanata’s even thought about his public persona, really.
Momo: …Okay then! From now on, Momo will start to treat Ricky like he’s a friend!
We'll be together forever 2 (2)
Momo: I bet that Kokoro-chan will be happy if I do that, too, since he gave him to me.
Producer: …Did Hanabusa-san name Ricky, too?
Momo: No. Momo gave him that name. Kokoro-chan told me that I could at least do that much myself.
Momo: He said that it wouldn’t do at all for someone other than me to give a name to someone who’s going to be my friend.
Momo: I thought really, really long and hard about naming him…
Producer: Ahaha, but it’s great that you were able to come up with such a good name for him!
We'll be together forever 2 (3)
Momo: Yeah! It started to make me think that Ricky is actually kind of cute.
Momo: It’d be nice if I could dress Ricky up, too, just like how I’m wearing girls’ clothes~.
Producer: It seems like you already plenty consider Ricky to be a friend, don’t you think?
Momo: Maybe… you’re right. I’d be really happy if that were true.
Producer: It is. Besides, if you dressed Ricky up, then he’d make you look even cuter, Oikawa-san.
We'll be together forever 2 (4)
Momo: Then you should try putting on a uniform, too, Producer-san!
Producer: Eh? I think it’s pretty obvious that that’s a no-go.
Momo: Eh–!? You won’t~? It’d be okay if you only showed Momo, right~? C'mon, pleeease~? Producer-saaa~n!
Producer: What’s no good is no good.
Momo: Eh~!? Come on, it’d be great~! Producer-san, you’re so mean.
Producer: I’m not being mean. What would be the point of seeing me in a uniform, anyway?
Momo: Aw, but Momo wants to know as much as he can about you, Producer-san~…


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