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We&#039;ll be together forever 3 (1)
Momo: Sigh~…
Producer: What’s wrong, Oikawa-san? You’re sighing to yourself. Is there something on your mind?
Momo: Ah, Producer-san. Actually…
Producer: “Actually”…?
Momo: Actually… When I ate the snacks that I got as a gift a little while ago, Ricky got all dirty…
We&#039;ll be together forever 3 (2)
Momo: And even after I so carefully brushed him yesterday for this, too. We can’t go out on the set together like this…
Producer: …Can I take a quick look at him?
Momo: Uh-huh…
Producer: (Hmm… He sure has gotten really messy. There’s no way I can let him be in the promo video like this…)
Momo: This is all because Momo is such a klutz… I’m sorry, Ricky…
We&#039;ll be together forever 3 (3)
Momo: Uuu…
Producer: Don’t cry over something so small. You’ll ruin that cute face of yours.
Momo: But, but Ricky’s…!
Producer: It’s okay. We don’t have time before the filming starts, but if I put him in the washer, the stain will come out.
Momo: Really!? He’ll go back to being as cute as he was before?
Producer: Yup. I’m pretty good at cleaning things up. I think that I should be able to get rid of a stain like this.
We&#039;ll be together forever 3 (4)
Momo: Phew… What a relief…!
Momo: Isn’t that great, Ricky? She said she’ll make you all nice and clean. We need to tell Producer-san thank you.
Momo: Thank you so, so much, [Name]-san!
Producer: …I told you before that you shouldn’t use my first name, didn’t I?
Momo: That wasn’t from Momo. Ricky was saying thank you.
Momo: After all, [Name]-san, you’re not Ricky’s teacher, and you’re not his producer, either, right?
We&#039;ll be together forever 3 (5)
Momo: Besides… There’s nobody else here besides Momo right now, so I wish you’d let me call you by your first name whenever that happens…
Momo: Momo actually really wants to use your name more often, but he’s been stopping himself.
Producer: …I guess it’s no use. Just this one time, okay?
Momo: Yay~! Producer-san, you’re so nice!
Momo: Momo really, really, reaaalll~y loves you, you know that?
Producer: I really love how you’re treating Ricky like such a good friend, too.
Momo: Then we feel the same way about each other, don’t we!
Producer: …Do we, though?
Momo: [Name]-san, Momo’s so happy that you feel the same way he does! I’m so super happy that I’m gonna give this shoot my very best!


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