Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (1)
Torahiko: The season's opening ceremony?
Shiki: That's right, Tora-chan. This time all of us from ArS are going to the opening ceremony of baseball.
Torahiko: We're doing that at the opening ceremony, right? The performer throws the first ball of the baseball match.
Kyosuke: That's right! It's really amazing~ That we can go to the opening ceremony...!
Akio: Six people at the opening ceremony... That's a lot of people, isn't it...
Raku: We certainly will be assinged to roles in the infield and the outfield.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (2)
Hikaru: Fufu, the stage doesn't matter to me! Because the brightness of this Hikaru Orihara won't fade no matter what!
Torahiko: I have not heard of that.
Shiki: You haven't heard of it...? Oh, that's right~ After all.
Shiki: After all you suddenly went to London, Tora-chan!!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (3)
Akio: Ah, it started...
Shiki: When I came to school in the morning you just left a letter saying "London is calling me!" on my desk!
Shiki: Who do you think is backing you up when you're not here to listen!? Hey, Kyo-chan!
Kyosuke: Shikitty does it!
Shiki: That's right! This Shikitty! Shikitty does it! And despite that, Tora-chan always, always...!
Raku: The switch got turned on.
Hikaru: It's always Shiki who stops Tora from going on journeys.
Torahiko: Nishishi, well, well, don't get so mad! I had no other choice, you know? After all I suddenly wanted to feel the breath of Holmes!
Torahiko: You feel like that too, right, Shiki?
Shiki: I don't!!
Torahiko: Eh... you don't?
Shiki: It's only normal, right? Would you stop looking at me with a weird expression like that!?
Hikaru: Shiki, it makes no sense to want us to be normal. Because we are ArS after all, that is heresy!
Hikaru: Isn't it magnificent? Every person shines differently... It is something that is an irreplacable treasure,..
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (4)
Torahiko: That's right, Shiki. Being normal would be being the same, right? That's just boring.
Torahiko: Apart from that, I bought souvenirs for all of you! Because art is an explosion, everyone gets one item!
Torahiko: But I have something specially for Shiki! Nishishi!
Shiki: Sigh... I don't plan to get in a good mood from that. Well, but I will thankfully accept it.
Torahiko: Yes! It's an amazing souvenir which can stimulate your creative urges, so be glad!
Shiki: Yes, yes.
Kyosuke: Shikitty, I'm so happy for you!
Shiki: Could you say it's a happy thing... I feel like I'm getting twisted around his finger every time...
Torahiko: I wouldn't do such a thing!
Shiki: Hmm...
Raku: Don't brood over it. Torahiko's behavior won't change even if you think about it, and your troubles won't decrease.
Akio: Raku has no mercy...
Raku: Because that's the truth.
Shiki: Aah, enough! Usually I'm always getting deceived like this!
Shiki: But he will participate in today's practise no matter what happens!
Torahiko: What practise?
Shiki: We said baseball! We told you we're doing the opening ceremony!
Torahiko: Aaah! I guess there was a discussion like that!
Shiki: We're doing it because today we're a team!!
Shiki: Sigh... ah, well. By the way, have you played baseball before, Tora-chan?
Torahiko: Nope, never. Have you, Shiki?
Shiki: I only played it a bit before. What about everyone else?
Akio: I think I can do sports... ? However, baseball is a team sport...?
Kyosuke: Because I only draw manga, I haven't... But I have been to games!
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (5)
Raku: I also haven't.
Hikaru: Aah, me too!
Shiki: I see, so everyone is a beginner, huh... We absolutely have to get good at it until the performance...
Torahiko: Alright, well the discussion seems to have ended, so I'm going to draw pictures in my workshop--
Shiki: The discussion still isn't over, Tora-chan!!
Torahiko: Uwoh!? Is-, is it? You're unusually serious about it, aren't you.
Shiki: You should get serious too! Because I'll certainly make you join practise seriously, Tora-chan--
Shiki: Because Producer promised to go on a date with me!
Torahiko: Eh, seriously?
Raku: Hoh? I'm hearing that for the first time.
Hikaru: Hahaha! Producer did very good by making the capturing of Tora a condition for a date.
Akio: A date with Producer...
Kyosuke: So that's why you searched for Tora-chan so desperately this time!?
Shiki: ...... No, that was a lie. There wasn't a promise of a date.
Shiki: Even if that would have been nice...
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (6)
Torahiko: Well, then I'm relieved! See you after school!
Shiki: You'll definitely participate! Or should I say, I'll come and get you!
Torahiko: Yes, yes, I get it.
Shiki: You will definitely stay at the workshop today!!
Producer: Everyone is gathered... Oh, where's Torahiko-kun?
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (7)
Kyosuke: Oh!? Before we noticed!?
Shiki: He was here until just now...!
Raku: That's freedom.
Wild Pitch Ceremony Event 1 (8)
Hikaru: That's Tora for you.
Akio: Maybe many difficulties lie ahead of us...
Shiki: Tora-chan, you idiot!!
Producer: (Ahaha... just like you'd expect of Tora-chan...)

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